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two, website construction


, a website


search engine to compare the value of the title and description of the keywords, so placed in the title and description, the main key words more is needed to put in the title and description of the front, of course, if the construction site for the purpose of brand building, using keywords in front, it is the effect of corporate image. Because of various reasons, the search engine has not too much keyword, you do not need to spend too much time on keyword.


1) title, description, keywords set


site structure is the use of dynamic or static? As everyone knows, the search engines prefer static pages and dynamic pages because require visitors to submit the corresponding request to the server, the server according to the request of the visitors to display the corresponding content, so that there is a speed difference, the content is generated in the temporary user access, search engine goal it is to simulate the human senses of the site evaluation, relative to the static and dynamic impression to the search engines is relatively weak. A web directory is not too deep, not conducive to the search engine spider search, web directory should not more than three, site layout, DIV+CSS page layout more favored by search engines.

"content is king, the chain for emperor"

search engine optimization is a system engineering, covering the site before making the choice of keywords, website production in the title, description, keywords (keyword) setting, website structure, web page layout method, keyword density grasp, the line on the website and the content of the construction of the chain etc..

keyword density is refers to the number of keywords appear on the page and other text proportion relative to the total number of words page keywords appear, the higher the frequency, keyword density is greater. The keyword density is not better? The answer is negative, the author’s observation, more than 10% keywords, will make the search engine that website keyword, and right down to the website, and even punishment.

site structureYour

1) website content is based on the user experience, taking into account the search engine, when the press should consider my content is not required for the visitors visitors, can solve the problem, as everyone knows, the search engine more love original content, search engine has a web release time algorithm, such as A station the first press release, B stand reproduced, weight A station page will be relatively high, but this is relative, if not on the A station and B station in the propaganda of the time into.

guide language: after several months of efforts, the Jiangxi fine arts entrance network (key words: Jiangxi art college entrance examination network) to love Shanghai first, special to share some experience.

keyword densityThe The contents of

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