Discussion how to use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools promote website ranking

two, love Shanghai grab diagnostic tools.

, if we do not check, found abnormal sites included a lot of, it is too late, once love Shanghai included these Trojan files may directly cause site drop right even K station. Especially the weaving process, with more people, there are a lot of people to study dream loopholes, probability of Trojan is also higher. But many of us don’t understand the Shanghai dragon code, website is the Trojan may do not know, that this love Shanghai grab diagnostic tools can solve our problems, please see below:

This >

, love Shanghai grab abnormal tools.

my website for capture is normal, but if it is abnormal, the love of Shanghai will make the corresponding reference, should be immediately resolved. We recommend the regular use of this tool, you can take preventive measures.

Shanghai dragon

from the above chart shows, my site did not grab abnormal spatial stability, but if repeated grasping abnormalities, consider changing the space or server then we must.


Shanghai Longfeng few touch the site is linked to the horse to do

practitioners blessed! Now we do love Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Webmaster Platform guidance, we can obtain the algorithm principle of love Shanghai search engine from large, this principle we can make our site more in line with the love of Shanghai is based on, so as to obtain a better ranking, this is we never think of a few years ago. I have just started doing Shanghai Longfeng, basically rely on hearsay, that day the update can promote ranking, every day struggled to update, listen to the peer said Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, we have the day to send the chain, but we do not have a basis. Just like our modern college entrance examination, the education department will have an exam outline, we can in accordance with the outline of the contents of the review, but not like headless flies everywhere hit. Shanghai launched the love Webmaster Platform, give us Shanghai Longfeng practitioners lit a lamp, led the Shanghai dragon direction, we have to use this tool to our Shanghai dragon service, so this paper is to introduce the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform more suitable tools.

three, the chain analysis tools.

most of our small and medium-sized websites are using the virtual space, if space often fails due to the site can not be opened, very bad impact on the site. Like you open a store, and when the customer comes to your shopping to find you no business, then your customer is likely to lose the trust of your store, next time also not willing to come to visit you. But because of our limited time and energy, not every day to check whether the site can be opened normally, then the capture tool is very suitable for abnormal abnormal tools. In my personal website for example, please see below:

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