A foreign language station fantasy Crusoe

sites do not have a large collection of sites, not the chain, the site’s ranking is pretty good. Thus, perhaps the structure of the website is now Shanghai love love, we can learn from you. Perhaps love Shanghai’s search loopholes, after the machine is the machine, you know more about foreign language and perhaps love Shanghai want to do website optimization, the future can be more life.

net: Network operations..net, and service centers, the network service provider. Open the web site, are Japanese, occasionally there are several Chinese characters, there are three search engines logo, Bing, Google, YAHOO, the Shanghai dragon website for the search engine is not love Shanghai. Glanced, found that this is a Shanghai dragon training website.

website weight 1, Japan, three years of history, by the way the domain name expired, but included for 1, a bit like that we often say Robin, but the difference is obviously. More than 20 thousand and 400 of the chain are some sites and articles related to the Shanghai dragon.



compiled a simple solution, the hope can cause great concern, then we can give a more reasonable explanation.

In this paper,

why this site will appear in the Shanghai love index of 4893 Shanghai dragon search page second pages, is the domestic industry of the God of mine, still love Shanghai search error? The expiring space is not a preheating people, everything is unknown. I venture to guess, website in this position should be love Shanghai algorithm error, because this site is not at home, because this site is mainly to do the training, because this site is search for "Shanghai dragon" the words appear.

recycled plastics by the global network finishing editing, reproduced please specify: 贵族宝贝qqzssl贵族宝贝

then use the tool to check the website data, as follows:

love Shanghai search Shanghai dragon, the home is a few sites we are familiar with, but the second page there is a Japanese station, Xiao Bian will have little talent and less learning, translation. But Shanghai dragon three letters, I can still recognize. This site should be only recently appeared in this position. We analyze why love Shanghai put it here in





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