A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon optimization team to remind you the station group should pay attenti


Many webmaster

?Don’t cross link between

got a lot of website, is the station group, but the content of each site is the same, since what are the same, why spend so much money and energy to get so many sites? Content has always been the soul of the website, so each site should have its own unique content the establishment of a number of sites, using the same content is nothing, just a waste of time and money, the user does not need so many of the same site, as long as one is enough, therefore, the search engine will not love without help website for users.

is no stranger to believe that through the station construction external links, should be a lot of people have tried, and it is somewhat similar to purchase the site through the station construction external links, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team to remind the majority of owners, through the station of the construction of the chain need to pay attention to this, if more than a certain the degree will also be judged as search engine cheating Oh, the specific need to pay attention to the following points:

theme of the site can not be the same

do not use duplicate content

for individuals or small companies, with more than ten, thirty websites are also normal, but if you have hundreds of websites that is very normal, whether individuals or small companies do not have so much time and energy to maintain so many sites, but also are the same an industry, that is not normal? If you also have the same industry hundreds of websites, it can not cause the attention of the search engine

you might think since it is the station group, it is certainly the content is related, similar, only the content related to play a better role, but for the station group, the content should be the same or similar industries, but each site should have its own theme, should not use the same the theme, best, or similar industry, similar to the choice of key words.

the number of not more than

is more than A5 group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) summary of the relevant points through the station of the chain construction should be paid attention to, of course, there are many other aspects, this is not mentioned.

is called the station group, that is to use station set power station group, jointly push a main website, if many of the same industry or the same personal site link to a website, a few words may not have what, but if hundreds are like this and there’s a problem, especially in these sites there through the cross links, so that can cross link, if not very familiar with the webmaster friends, it is very difficult to achieve, therefore, A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group remind webmaster friends not to consciously clever, do the so-called cross links this, but more likely to cause the attention of the search engine.

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