Google image search technology how to find the corresponding picture based on graph elements

Google +photo search has been able to identify a simple search object. Automatic annotation of Google technology, can easily through the pictures of some elements to find the corresponding picture.

a "DistBelief" technology, using the basic framework, called tens of thousands of computer groups, according to the parameters in billions to do the depth of the neural network training scale, Google will be on a large number of similar images, and give them a label. If a user searches for a similar picture again by the picture will be out of alignment from the database before the call display.

2014, Google used the basic image search technology, fully demonstrated the general level of flying Google technology, in an object recognition in the game, a team of Google’s use of this technology, the technology also officially released.

article by Zhang Yugan Bo.


the rules of the game, the two sides indicate the name of different position of the object in the same picture, as pictured above is a picture of the animal from different parts of the picture search pointed out that other name, Google is the use of object recognition technology marked parts from the picture, from this point we can see the technology the level is very exquisite.

?Google Google

I believe that with the development of Internet technology rapidly, more and more excellent image search, the near future will replace the current text search technology, bring a lot of convenience to our life.

We’re going to look at the Google Now the intelligent mobile phone

2014 app appeared in many applications of face recognition technology, for users to download and use, we all know that in nature, every kind of object to search out all sorts of strange things, a kind of object this is the face recognition is much more difficult, especially in the identification of a picture, is even more difficult.

is how to help us find the keywords

mobile phone camera throughout the high streets and back lanes, become a part of your life, there are some mobile phone store hundreds or even thousands of photos, if suddenly one day your girlfriend asked you to give her a photo, but you forgot which stored in the folder, which is Google. The search technology can help you easily find the. If the mobile phone has a picture search function is good, some of the elements of the picture through the keywords to find the corresponding pictures, you can search out an easy job to do.


the rest of the weekend, nothing to do, he accidentally found that Google can open normally, it is beyond my expectations, Google server has not moved back to the United States? Then use IP address access can enter, is Google search engine Chinese regression, to seize the market to a certain extent,? A threat to Shanghai and 360 to search for love. The return to the topic:

technology is how to operate

pictures?Isa ImageNet large-scale visual identification challenges

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