About love for Links trading against Shanghai conjecture algorithm

: the purchase of Links.

love Shanghai is how to judge whether a site selling links? Judge a website to sell Links personally feel is the priority among priorities of the algorithm update love Shanghai. Because once figured out which sites selling links, then buy links is easy to find out. What is so in love with Shanghai to determine whether a site selling links? Think may be based on the following points.

The weight of

1 site. Because most of the link platform will require selling links site check website and verify the method of natural attribution, is hanging on the platform of the link, and after validation, many people will not delete the verification link, then love Shanghai according to this should be easy to find out whether the sale of links. The second is because before there are many websites are hung up on the Links platform direct chain code, and this code features relatively strong, love Shanghai easy analysis >

on the web site of the weight of a lot of people will feel do not understand, because the person doing some website optimization, found some very large sites in the purchase link, but no matter how love Shanghai algorithm is updated, the station is still not affected. The reason why? Is this station is itself a huge monster, abnormal trust love Shanghai. May also be relevant and above we analysis the source of the link, because this station, his links to the source is very rich, some links buy stand for the overall link for the proportion is very small.

in recent months, most owners worried things on the Internet is love Shanghai algorithm update, love Shanghai update algorithm is mainly to deal with low quality site and Links trading. The author not only from what expert, the perspective of love Shanghai, love Shanghai how to judge Links the sale of

1 site link

? Is there Links platform common keywords and links Links at the

2, website

if the link on your website the most links are selling links of the site, so your site should be purchased Links. There are several problems: the first problem is most, how much is the vast majority of Shanghai know that only love?. The second problem is how to know what love Shanghai website is selling links site? We would say in the back, personally feel that the judgment factors link to purchase and sell the site link site influence each other.

two: we talk about the sale of Links

love for Shanghai Links buy site hit is obvious to people, this time, a large number of high weight site is down right, some traffic has nearly one million level IP sites are k only home page ranking. Then the love of Shanghai is how to determine whether a site to buy Links? The author do the following conjecture:


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