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a few years ago we were in the computer equipment, exchange equipment and other information query will think of using ZOL, IT168 and so on equipment website, and now we are in search of equipment information has forgotten these large equipment network has brought us convenience, as if overnight, these devices have lost precise query device network the information of the user.

What are

now Internet users hope to get more accurate information, such as when we use the A5 website to visit the news, we want to see is the latest Internet information, rather than the old wine. Network equipment is the same, when we use the net tours equipment information, most users want to see is complete, new equipment information, rather than the rough, careless, obsolete equipment, the author also operates an Internet network equipment, site from set up to now has nearly 3 years, by nearly 3 years of hard work the station daily traffic has reached 600+, following the author to talk about how to improve the comprehensive quality of site equipment to the site from the attention to detail.

woods is too much, we can go to see ZOL and IT168 now, can be said that many products are a faint, or the product is not marked price, or the product lost product information label, how such equipment can meet the needs of users? To real network equipment to obtain the user’s heart so, what we should start from the overall network equipment, users need to improve, what equipment, so after entering the equipment network can search, a search that in the end, this is the real network equipment. You can see my equipment in the network, what a gorgeous picture, but it is a search word to allow more users to rest assured, because of all they got more information and practical equipment.


three, ask the mechanism to be perfect equipment, pay more attention to the user is the key to ask

is now a lot of network equipment transfer station, often a device would only need to price 3000 yuan, after a net equipment transfer price reached 3500 yuan, this is not the real information also hurt too much to the heart of the user, the author thinks that the quality of network equipment must provide information, make the most real the equipment supplier of the most real, the operation of the cool search network never accounted for a user interest, the channel of the information given is what, how much is the price, the site will use the most authentic information show in front of the user.



, the most real, the most direct information provider of

information network equipment complete, comprehensive and professionalPerhaps

users do not ask, do not know to ask, we can see too many problems in many equipment information below Jingdong, Suning, I think in a shopping site there are so many questions, so we as a professional network equipment didn’t have information you can ask? So why do these.

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