The high quality of the site layout is the secret of the top ranked keywords

three, the original content of



domain is the best to choose their own domain name Quanpin keywords such as his station is dry cleaning equipment and his domain name is set to "ganxiXXX贵族宝贝", the setting of the path should also be in complete concept, and his navigation bar source

two, the domain name selection, path set

product information as far as possible all the original increase or change the content, reduce the similarity, have a lot of friends love the original copying the content of the website, so the website optimization is bad.

is to do dry cleaning equipment, remember correctly it took him a month to a love Shanghai index is 889 words on the first, his station is undoubtedly a successful web site layout, so how to build a successful website below Shanghai dragon? And the author analysis for your

A friend of the



you can look carefully under the Shanghai love products are designed such as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

is not difficult to see from the above screenshot we don’t imitate the so-called "Shanghai dragon rain" to strengthen Links, correct selection of station layout, completes the path set and the domain name has laid a strong foundation for keywords ranking. Shanghai dragon to analysis only to send the article and the chain instead of every day, so that we can always control the others. This paper starts by A5, Hubei chengli 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝 original release, please keep the link.

, a drawing station layout sketch


drawing layout sketch can make network company with their intention to quickly establish a website such as the friend of the station to dry cleaners to invest on the navigation bar above second and left on the first, so that we can get better weight, remember to keep the layout of the page users about things to put in front of. Such as business news should be placed in the bottom.

take a look at his ranking data and chain



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