The secret of optimization may become Shanghai Longfeng next way

! based connection optimization


actually, I think almost. Especially in the 2015 World Conference on love Shanghai, love Shanghai released a smart search robot of Peru (Duer), perhaps from the completion of "Robin Li index, connects the world, connecting people and services, the establishment of mobile Internet Ecosystem of Shanghai love a step closer. So, I think there are at least three aspects is the future of Shanghai dragon Er can participate in, or that there is optimal demand:

is not a long time to write Shanghai Longfeng related articles, the reason is very simple, because the Shanghai dragon farther away from me! Remember just contact the word is Shanghai dragon at university the third grade, because want a girlfriend but no money, have to look for part-time subsidy for private use. The impression is my first formal interview, then do not know what I saw my interviewer, then successfully took the part-time job. Of course, this is my first contact with the Shanghai dragon, that time is mainly to do Google Shanghai dragon, after all, only a short while ago do imitations of foreign trade industry is so crazy, so the optimization demand is also very strong English website

love Shanghai want to shine in the mobile Internet in the first is to start from the bottom of the connecting line 3600. Love Shanghai has an open interface for various o2o services, can be connected in very convenient. Love Shanghai in education, medical, financial, food and beverage in every field there are many services, and the Internet can have for docking, love Shanghai glutinous rice the proprietary service, but also love Shanghai.

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after graduation work will slowly transition, and not only I did, before many co-workers are basically gone. Because with the development of the Internet, although the search engine is still an important traffic entrance, but with the flow of fragmentation and new media flow entrance increasingly rich, search traffic is no longer the only precise traffic entrance. Internet Co now pay more and more attention to shaping the brand, has long been on the search engine traffic wild demand period, so as to reduce the demand, some people think that Shanghai dragon is dead! Of course, as Ali international station director Fu Bipeng said, "Shanghai dragon is dead" is a false proposition. Now app and love Shanghai app link came out, there are a lot of entrance, including mobile entrance, entrance lot are Bianwei mobile phone terminal competition, love Shanghai has been developing mobile. There is also competition in the mobile phone side, as in the app store rankings, but also Shanghai Longfeng dry, all the competition will be Shanghai dragon, the ranking will also have Shanghai dragon, these will not die, but there will be more ways in front of everyone. Also in the personal development, as there are many product managers also have Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, you can’t see Shanghai dragon is very small, if only title, the hair of the chain, it is already dead, this time would be dead.

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