The use of film marketing resources to the original master is so fun


through love Shanghai know and love Shanghai cloud disk to download files, very small, up to several M, normal people are generally not know video, but eager for those who want to see the film, go to this step, they can click to see that it doesn’t take much time, even advertising no, no.


Xiaobian wrote an essay test video of the chain, but the overall effect is poor, at the most is a senior form of the chain, to achieve rapid and efficient burst flow, no, so Xiaobian moved to the new movie drainage research, sure enough, found a lot of master early has been shot, shot fast way a dizzying, let’s look at the master who is how to play.

promotion methods: love Shanghai know do promotion, love Shanghai cloud disk download

look at this "Batman vs Superman" keyword index is much, such as:


through the home needs and psychological needs of users, free download is the greatest demand, but never really put the video for users to download, otherwise it will be for this kind of infringement, large, copyright is usually officially released after March, will the online video platform to buy the copyright infringement, if early to share out do not say, does not sell price; first, the first to do a love of Shanghai know, as for how to do here is not to do too much, we can see the figure:

for the last time, the fire than Marvel’s "Captain America 3: the civil war" and DC "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice", for the two film, Xiaobian always wanted to see, so pay attention to the release time, and although the recent film, but not yet time to go to the cinema to see, therefore, want to search the free resources on the Internet, with the vast majority of people have such needs, the first to use love to see how much is the Shanghai index two movie search index, don’t surprised oh.


look at the "love Shanghai index, Captain America 3" the key figure:

can clearly see that love Shanghai index search volume of these two films are very large, because the "Captain America 3" this movie just released, therefore, the current index is much higher, reaching hundreds of thousands of index, witnessed the two film the huge market demand, next to master how to do the analysis.


for the two movie online demand is the biggest free download and watch online, for the fans, just want to see it and do not want to spend money to go to the cinema, always to take advantage of their master, is the use of the user to take advantage of the psychological drainage, mainly to do some promotion from Shanghai love series of products.


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