You should believe that the so called Shanghai dragon ers say

I looked back, the operation (for me to use the word "operation") a psychology – Bryson network dating platform has also been launched for about 5 months. In this 5 months, from the initial to the Internet industry did not know until now also dare to seize the opportunity for their websites in Shanghai dragon competition, is also to own a experience.

the Internet today, increasingly fierce competition, it is because in the Internet that the gold rush, let the Internet now close to intense competition. In this big business or go against the current, tide, an industry has been booming, that is Shanghai Dragon (the so-called search engine optimization). What is more, some skilled Shanghai dragon ers a month’s salary or pick up business pay even higher than other Internet technical personnel a year paid! Therefore, always have a large number of people to join the Shanghai dragon industry. Including this occupation, of course, the army there is such a class of people, they lack of funds, lack of human resources, but also may be the lack of technology, but they also have to bite the bullet in the wave of the Internet, in the fierce competition in the Shanghai dragon, trying to grab a share of the cake itself — this kind of who is the "personal webmaster". The author, is such a personal webmaster.

In fact, as long as the open

this short 5 months (compared with some fought in the Internet in almost 10 years, I am just a bird rookie. However, these 5 months for me personally and the author of "Bryson net" it is rewarding, so is it to see the readers of this article), the most I learned, not some questions about Shanghai Dragon technology, as in this paper, I don’t want to write the Shanghai dragon long-drawn and tedious documents the same technology (if necessary, can go to the tutorial or in reality and the battle of wits BAIDU Dou Yong). I want to let you know how, in the Internet, in the wave of technology in the development of the website and identify their own direction. Don’t listen to some of the so-called master "advice".

, some webmaster forums like the site, believe that the introduction of the eye most of the article is about the Shanghai dragon. However, this kind of article is uneven, some may be original, but I believe that many false original, what is more, is ctrl+c and crel+v directly. So, the Shanghai dragon related article quality is worth discussing, that is to say, according to the experience of the so-called blind master to go, not be able to win in the game with SE is very good.

in our case. Bryson network at the beginning of operation for about 3 months, due to excessive collection, by love to punish Shanghai. After my efforts, has been turning slowly. In this case, the site bigger and eager to the author, in each big forum posting, ask the next Shanghai dragon how to do. There are a lot of heat.


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