How to quickly increase the love Shanghai related domain promotion website weight

we know the valid and invalid related domain, then we will find a way to increase the relevant domain effectively.

domain: the domain name of this order, understand the web page contains a domain name is finding in Shanghai love search engine web content literally. Some people call it love marine closed domain.


in the first picture, the 3,4 data are not related to the effective domain, why?

I love to find a few Shanghai official Post Bar to share the love of Shanghai alliance, Shanghai love video, love Shanghai statistics, Shanghai love the etc.. You can also find some other Post Bar, Post Bar is love Shanghai’s own products, included is quite fast, if the Lord do not pay attention to the rules, you can delete the link.

Post Bar love Shanghai

love Shanghai related domain: click the nofollow tag and not love Shanghai related domain name effective related domain.

, what is love Shanghai related domain


love Shanghai related domain

love = love Shanghai Shanghai related domain chain? The answer is no.. Because of the chain form, the anchor text link, the URL link (as well as pure text links, is ignored, not to mention), so that Shanghai can only say love related domain is the one part of the chain.




three, how to increase effective love Shanghai related domain


love Shanghai related domain is for your website on the network popularity, popularity. Love Shanghai related domain increased, ZhengZhan weight increase, the promotion of the role of the keyword ranking.

let me think of us in the query when the site data, will appear as in figure below shows how much love, Shanghai chain, click on the link is the domain domain in the form of. This domain is what to do with it? This is the reverse link love Shanghai


invalid related domain refers to those non links, just simple website domain in the form of text in there, or with the "nofollow" label related domain, because once added "nofollow" so its weight is not passed, so even with the URL link also, no effect.

forum in Shanghai Longfeng forum the morning, that someone asked why domain: the results after the domain name, how will the site itself page as shown in figure

The relevant domain called

two, enhance the benefits of

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