Keywords reasonable application to a website can bring a multiplier effect

Now many friends love

now love Shanghai for human information is strictly combat, for those contents were blocked, many websites are not close, so that these keywords competition degree is greatly reduced, but we will find these keywords search volume is very large, this is decided by human nature, love no matter how Shanghai blocked the search is still not reduced, let’s look at "the yellow web search volume keywords":

to do a website keyword mining is indispensable, but how to deal with the keywords excavated or very knowledgeable, from a large number of sites can be found, many owners will love digging out the key directly.

do this by union website advertising revenue, this type of website is the beginning of more difficult to get together, a very large amount of data needed to support, only through the website weight driven website long tail keywords ranking, so that the site to bring traffic, here’s what for this type of website how to reasonable use of keywords, traffic has a qualitative improvement.

first, the rational use of sensitive vocabulary

from the Shanghai love index we can see this keyword search volume can reach about 25000, if we imagine the keywords optimization up, can bring much traffic, but this kind of word is a sensitive word, if not handled well, the net station may be affected, for example because the content while the site right down; in fact, we can change a way of thinking to do, although this word seems pornographic and violent, but the content is created by ourselves, for example, we add some yellow tones to the website, actually this word there are many applications, such as "Sora Aoi, no code, HD Photo, glabrous, deep hole, water, and so are the good use of the title to the drainage, the keywords" yellow website "as an example, look at the others how to play Made headlines, as shown in figure

to create word segmentation principle

second, by the title of the article

is a web site if no flow, it is difficult to play the value of a website, especially for some advertising website, no matter what others see is advertising, the value of your site to successful cooperation must think for others, when their own web site linked to other people’s advertising, there is no long-term any effect, others are not willing to long-term cooperation with you, so a website to obtain income, this flow is a must, of course, different types of website traffic, but the value is not the same, such as our English information station, perhaps as long as thousands of IP, some English training it is with your cooperation mechanism, and some do a dumpster, even if there are tens of thousands of IP, traffic is not worth the money, can only put up some advertising alliance, to obtain income.



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