How to make a comprehensive analysis to the competitor’s website

two: Web site keywords analysis

dynamic URL search engine spiders to crawl, but this is not absolute, we must analyze our competitors have static URL. If our competitors do not do static URL, so our website must to fill this gap because maybe it is small, it.

We all know that Keywords page source analysisWe can use the web

we can use some related tools to query the site outside the chain of our competitors, look at our competitors outside the chain of quality, quantity and distribution of the chain. Of course, at the time of analysis we can also put these channels outside the chain were collected and recorded, as our website after the release of the chain channels, is very good.


three: chain analysis

five: planning website URL

: user demand analysis

This kind of

analysis here refers to the competitor’s target keywords and long tail keywords analysis, only after a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors keywords, we can reasonable for our web site keywords layout, do we just said "of course," avoid keyword analysis here also includes the analysis of Web site keyword density.

no matter what we do things, understanding and analysis of competitors is very necessary, as the saying goes, "do the enemy, before being victorious", actually do Shanghai Longfeng optimization too, only the correct understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors, we can go beyond the opponent, we can "make" today, Murong Shaw for all of loy eight steps to a comprehensive analysis of Shanghai Longfeng competitors:

source files to analyze the competitors are using open source or develop their own program. Sometimes we through the web page is difficult to determine the competitor’s program, we only through the web page of the source file to judge, see whether there are loopholes in the program, so that we can better go to our program to optimize.

is based on the analysis of the construction site before we have not, we must understand that we are engaged in industry, the needs of users, we peer website dig in the industry which not to meet, or in the website which meet the peer is not thorough enough, we must do after these do not meet the requirements to fill, this move is our website can quickly get ranked at all. Like our website in the absence of the beginning of the line, we have done a lot of analysis. Imagine you website has done a lot of years, whether it is from the outside chain resources or from the customer resources will have an advantage over you, we assume to fight them, do you think you will win? So you must make the mining industry does not improve the demand for use to.

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