n the Google website optimization solution

three, the link is the link anchor text, of course English station anchor is English, should do a word of advice to choose what kind of relatively less popular to do first, and then from cold to hot in order to promote, do not directly link to the home page, the home page and the inside pages to a large proportion of the proportion of about 1:3 of anchor text, words and anchor text should pay attention to the diversification, diversification.

.He and I were

last night about 9 o’clock, I received a group of friends to the QQ information of a group, I have asked for Google optimization research. But because I go to English almost utterly ignorant of, so for foreign websites really can not give too much advice, but Xiong Wei is still the friend to blog offers several suggestions, as follows:

four, to those foreign well-known blog for two level domain class or sub directory class blog, especially the subdirectory class blog.

two, because he is doing the hospital website, so I give him advice for any forum within the hospital and his local radiation range of all the local, can release the chain, and, by this point, in order to promote the circular letter

in the course of the conversation, he repeatedly asked the same questions, that is whether you can buy links,

"Xiong Wei’s October 15, 2013 night at 23:59, the copyright to the directory catalog of all customers, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝muluge贵族宝贝/nc /236.html

for this problem presented by him, I also made a positive answer:

, of course, is not recommended to buy, outside the chain, have high value, it wants to buy do not oppose the existence of a quantity of the control is justifiable in this optimization degrees, more than this is excessive optimization, and excessive optimization is likely to cause drop right and punish, there are rules this rule is dead, no one can say clearly, only to estimate by the feeling, it is said, how to grasp the degree, this degree is the Shanghai dragon ER has been exploring

Shanghai dragon"

, DMOZ, YAHOO and other well-known foreign web site directory submission, even suggested to spend money to make up.

nearby provinces area

for the whole exchange for an hour or more, may give his help and not a lot, it may also be because I for the foreign language web site optimization never touch the reason also don’t understand, so only from the most basic theory, the most basic advice, but I think these suggestions it should be a member of Shanghai Longfeng ER to understand things. Of course, if you find that I have said in front of the wrong place, also please correct me out, you will study.

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