The four stage of the new website Shanghai Dragon

of a web site, is from the line on the website before the planning preparation, construction will begin to do, such as the choice of what kind of keywords, keywords layout is what the website title and description is how to write the basic framework of the website and link model is how to prepare. Take what kind of internal and external chain strategy and so on, all these problems should be taken into account. When a good optimization before on-line website, take some ways to let it be the search engine to search, and then collected. Was collected from a site at the beginning of the rankings can not find basic to the core keywords ranking in the top three pages or the first two pages, this is the first stage in this website belongs to Shanghai dragon work. This stage is generally not very long, up to a month or so, of course, the premise is that you update the content in continuing and increasing the number of the chain of it. For example, after the website from December 20, 2010 on the line, the second day is love Shanghai Google included, ranking in the early 500, because the competition is not fierce, about tenth days of the core keywords into the home. That is to say, the site of Shanghai dragon first stage of the work is the 10 day.

(here only love Shanghai, for example) today website snapshot update, ranking; second days not updated snapshot, ranking drop. Mark the end of this period is basically stable, ranked in the forefront, when there are large fluctuations.

core keyword ranking in the top three pages (different sites with different standards, depending on the competition circumstances, but the fluctuation of ranking).

a new web site from the line to get expected within the core keyword ranking, can be roughly divided into four stages, of course, there are the four stages of the website is conditional, a line after just waiting to make it the rankings and what did not do anything, is unlikely to have the stage the. The following is my personal website experience, talk about the four stages of their experience on a new line on the website of Shanghai Longfeng do view, and it should pay attention to the problem.

core keyword ranking into a predetermined position, but the ranking is fluctuation.

first stage: after the launch, the site is included, but no ranking.

usually has some competitive areas, the website into the front 1 to 3 pages are based on a website based on continuous optimization. In general, the website for the first time into the core keywords in the forefront of the ranking is not stable. For example, the core keywords on the site today ranked in the top 100, may second days back to 500 after. The degree of competition such fluctuations last long hand associated with this keyword related, on the other hand with the main site at this stage are awesome work related. Also, the website core keywords ranking fluctuation basically is accompanied by the snapshot update circumstances

The second stage: The third stage:

assumes a goal of the website is the core.

Shanghai dragon

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