The acquisition is like that talk about my views on the three point sampling

acquisition should be how to deal with


saw several points above, we have probably clear whether their website needs to be collected, if your site or in the company’s Web site really need collection, so also need some ideas, for collecting content first, collected the site must be regular, ensure the correct contents; second, collection is aging on the same day, especially for the information; third, the acquisition must correspond to theme, not in the A channel acquisition of the B class, the acquisition of wide of the mark without any user of the user experience.

your site needs to collect

, the first personal website, if it is to record and share, so the amount is not too much, to produce high quality content, share your opinions ideas enough, so there is no need for acquisition.

‘s own website need acquisition, according to the nature of the site is determined, and not see other websites themselves acquisition acquisition. What are you going to clear the purpose of building your site, below is divided into three categories:


here, I summarized through several aspects of my points acquisition sentiment, thus.

After the

second, enterprise website, enterprise website has two kinds, one is on display, on product information and contact information, page number, generally do not need acquisition; and if it is B2B or B2C type of industry website, this requires a large number of included, a lot of traffic network station, in addition to their own produce large amounts of content besides, some also need to collect some data information, and then make changes, this also depends on the overall planning of Shanghai dragon.

What kind of content acquisition

website development requires a lot of content, website update and included the first problem that is placed in front, we naturally think of acquisition, but for the acquisition, part of the webmaster is against, think through the weight collection website is not high, but some webmaster agree, that has its own collection so what is this advantage? According to the collection to share their views, we welcome the exchange.

then determine the acquisition, and acquisition should do? For many industry sites, need to be modified, modified into a more consistent user experience, more in line with the theme of the site content, and for many news websites, the general need to modify the place is not many, but the acquisition is easy to copyright issues, if you are a lot the acquisition, please keep the other copyright, especially on the scale of the industry, more attention to the copyright consciousness.

third, for the news station, such sites have a larger scale, more general update, so pure hand would not too realistic, so often need to gather news, this website and the enterprise website is different, but the general acquisition also pay attention to, below from two aspects are described.

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