Support collection of high quality of the chain can bring considerable traffic

on the acquisition of small procedures, as long as I do well in the station optimization, layout optimization and the density of good words, the rest from his grasp new content generation and optimization is of Links exchange.


love Shanghai line of these algorithms, more or less, have brought effect, perhaps really hit a lot of low quality sites, but there are also many webmaster said he is basically the original content, also shot. Many Internet sites, inevitably harming, inevitably there are all these algorithms is not always a fish escaped through the Seine, all sites are applicable.

started two months is not what happened, not how much traffic. I am tired of him, mainly is not what to do. After two months, in addition to love overseas, other search engines such as Sogou has been to a lot of traffic, a day on average one thousand or two thousand. Love Shanghai although there are thousands of included, but Shanghai has no love or flow, the beginning thought that love Shanghai more advanced algorithm, can distinguish whether it is collected, but later found that love Shanghai is actually make the adjustment time is relatively slow, after three months, Shanghai began to love thousands of traffic, then a few months love Shanghai included broken million the highest about two million included, I love to stand up to 18 thousand days, the highest flow thirty-five thousand, although the decline, but still have more than 10000 IP a day. < >

holds whether the love Shanghai update algorithm still continues to gather the possibility of an old webmaster I took my hands slightly, the weights of the website, I began a test plan. The new collection is still a little difficult, can only take the old site test, if successful, can accumulate some experience, if failed, it would have to lose a good ranking, a steady flow of site. Holding the huochu mentality, began collecting the road.

on the old site of the directory, the main is to dip the weight of the old site, as the old site published articles, but also depends on the old site of the program, and the old site is not what the relationship between.

love these moves, has so many plans to collect or do stand group of owners to give up their plan, so that some have been before the acquisition of the webmaster to give up to continue to collect. But there are also many webmaster and I like to win the challenge, the more difficult operation, more want to try out a new feasible way.

fell in love with the sea for half a year, the continuous on-line algorithms, the main is to support the original, blow the low quality page, link against trading. No not to update these algorithms for the healthy development of the Internet, I also support, hope to purify the Internet environment.

acquisition without content acquisition, write a small program on the old site directory, automatic access to the latest news content. Then the dream collection Xia acquisition algorithm to extract automatically crawl news page content. To automatically generate the page, it will continue to have new content generation. After eliminating the trouble of manual acquisition.

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