Shanghai Longfeng pure dry cargo sharing Links exchange notes

2, page snapshot


1, the target page is indexed

page snapshot can also target URL pasted into the search box to get the sample:


Xiaobian that exchange chain need to consider the following aspects:

The red box position

indexThe The

recently found a very interesting webmaster friends in exchange Links, he only see each other website exchange standard thesaurus, as long as the other site can exchange the vocabulary of the thesaurus is, the query to love station, the owners of the house for. This exchange chain experience let me grow in experience, also changed my understanding on before the friends of the chain, so the "lost little reptile" to exchange friend chain Strike while the iron is hot. need to pay attention to the details of the webmaster friends share summary.


index amount of this data is also very important, if you exchange a channel with each link address, to check the channel page index (rate calculation method through the tools of collection site URL and query data is calculated, this method is the most accurate, of course, in order to save time most people or by Shanghai dragon), the query command to achieve data can directly reflect the channel popularity by search engine, the index rate is high, of course, the better.

a small series that is very important. Related to the content of the website exchange friend chain, is in fact the subject to search engine examples of your website, with the analysis of strengthening the ability of semantic search engine, the main factors influencing the weights of the website, the quality and relevance of content has been in a very high position, it is particularly important to exchange a chain and a related to your site theme website.

said here refers to the weight value of love station or provide the owners of the house and three party tools to query the data, have certain reference, but it is not necessary, because the knowledgeable webmaster all know this data is available through the brush tool, so the data can be reference, at the same time to learn a combination of the following thesaurus data for analysis.

3, the correlation between


4, the weight of

click, you can jump to the snapshot page address to view the snapshot time, this time can reflect the content of the page plate update frequency and friendliness of the spider, links with this page can also give your site to attract high quality spiders;


is the first premise, if the other party and you exchange the target page (home page or inside pages), even index whose solution can be directly ignored, whether the page is indexed directly paste the address into the search box can query results, which is very simple, so small details do not

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