The construction of the chain of soft release and Links

enterprises, generally need to spend money, in Sina, NetEase and other high weight website, spend 200, 300 yuan to send a soft Wen, although pay more than the benefits are enormous, reproduced and browsing is high. I have a friend do slimming products, every month to send a few soft in Sina, bring the flow of high return value.

spent 2 years in Shanghai Longfeng, outside the chain to do a lot, are diverse, from the first copy paste numb, now, have a strategy to do outside the chain, this is a kind of growth, from a rookie slowly transformed into Shanghai Longfeng formal staff. The two years he has done a lot of station, contact with a lot of optimization team, find forums and blogs in every site, instead of looking for the industry forum, is straight away in the high weight, the weight of the forum or blog post, message. The classification information is directly to the high weight, have included the site to send. I studied for a period of time, found the chain to these weights are not too high, but the link was deleted if the probability is high, the more the number of the deleted, the greater the chance, was found to do outside the chain, which is the title, is equal to the previous article in vain, all of a sudden not so much the chain, the search engine is very friendly and performance. Do not meet the requirements of the stability of the chain. After two years of observation, found the effect of two kinds of chain mode is relatively large, the weight is relatively high, one is Links, one is to release the soft.

is also in some personal website industry insight or write an article promotion a product introduction articles in each big portal. Soft Wen must have very strong readability, must make person learn or demand, can give the readers better impression to readers professional feeling, so that readers automatically reprint our articles, for our free promotion, a high quality of soft Wen effects are often you can’t imagine, reprint volume brings is very high, and the soft is the fastest method to enhance personal or enterprise visibility.

Product promotion soft The release of the soft

Links this, as we all know, friends of the chain for the good, the weight of the website has the very big promotion, change is not good, also may drag you down. General good is.

personal industry technology or experience, as we do in Shanghai Longfeng promotion, generally in the A5, China webmaster BBS, Shanghai dragon WHY to send some Shanghai Dragon Technology soft, generally allowed a link. The text on these sites, all need to review, if the basic original title to attract people eyeball will let through long written words, have a certain degree of difficulty, but also the value of the return to. The best title of the article should be written to make others often search the long tail, and the weight of the site is high enough, when others search you at least can top three, see people, the promotion effect is obvious.


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