We do Shanghai dragon how to get rid of the search engine trust

promote their brands in the station, prompting the user’s own brand word. I also use this on my site.

The second is to deconstruct the

in addition, we also see a lot of outdoor advertising is the practice, on the bus I have seen on television, I also see, let users remember our brand, brand to direct search on our website, B website is really cattle brand words are far more than the industry target word, search like the car home car a lot more than the search volume ratio of 4399 games a lot more, in use every opportunity to promote their own brands, the cumulative value to its own brand word, this flow does not need to spend money, but also very precise.

some time ago and Putian love Shanghai dispute broke a bid price or click on the love of Shanghai surprised me, I heard the most expensive auction price is click on the medical industry, each click of a 500 yuan of money. The last time Putian burst out the most expensive click price is 999 yuan a, really refresh my perception of bidding cost ah, we knew that it was what is called love 30% of Shanghai’s income accounted for medical treatment. Putian is Shanghai and love dispute a major reason is too much competition, advertising costs are too high, do you not make money, we want to work for the love of Shanghai to do the wedding, love the sea became the biggest winner at last.

but to completely do not rely on the love of Shanghai or not, I believe the Department of Putian will not really love with all Shanghai two. We can only try to make Shanghai less dependent on love, lower marketing costs drop, the following are some of my thoughts and ideas. First of all we want to become well-known brands, such as we spread our brand in the station, to see how others do it


I do network marketing has been thinking about a problem, is how to deconstruct the marketing cost, of course we can not be like millet as small and medium-sized enterprises play micro-blog marketing, engage in a fan of the economy, but also did not like the logic thinking that content play community economy. PC era love Shanghai more powerful, then love Shanghai is the highest China Internet company market capitalization, Robin Li was once the richest man Chinese. At that time, the Internet has such view, can really get rid of love Shanghai only two companies in Chinese, one is 360, another is QQ, because they are the client, of course, then there is Taobao, now the mobile Internet era is more. Of course, small and medium enterprises is very difficult.

flow would have cost to build traffic flow pool pool, now in the form of more and more, such as QQ, QQ space, QQ group, WeChat, WeChat, micro-blog and so on, users can put the ring in the flow in the pool. Site traffic, must guide the user to add your group, add your WeChat. It is best to provide some temptation, such as with QQ send tutorial, what is the value of WeChat. Once the user to these places not to your site, you love how advertisers is how.

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