Website home page is K we need to do what to save

2, keyword density problem: and be careful not to stack keywords, keyword density should be < 8%, this tool can be used to query, the keyword density, we have different views, I have a new website before, density is 12%, there is a time for ranking is good however, big update last July by K have no hair, so don’t take chances, but this is not a question of what the density of key issues, at least I think so, since this site is K, I do keyword density station in about 2%-3%, ranking is also good.

actually I do Shanghai dragon is not a short time, during several times the home page is k, but also two or three days back, except for a big update in July last year, of course, sharing here is not to say completely can solve the problem, are some of my experiences.

said the website optimization needs to go in front of the search engine, but it is undeniable that we have been behind the death defying chase, but also can be found, we don’t know what to do when the site will be K, because Shanghai dragon is really a very difficult thing, of course, also some people feel Shanghai dragon very simple, it’s easy to say, but if I tell you again, you will have a website optimization to love Shanghai home? I don’t think so, everything is not so simple! Then after the 16 Shanghai dragon is to talk about the website the first page is k, how fast recovery


server 3, impact: if there are a lot of gaming websites use the space with IP, or web site is down right or be K, are likely to affect your website with iP, the degree of influence I have said is not good, it can be noticed. One of the reasons for instability is also ranked server does not put up or down the right, the server is not stable, resulting in the search can not normally access, so the punishment for this problem can be considered for a IP space or ignore it.

1, website content: freehand some high quality original article, increase search engine friendly degrees, it must be pseudo original and reproduced is not enough, especially the new website article acquisition is not more. At the same time to pay attention to the site within the chain optimization, but also is not on the site is not stable during the replacement of the template, or spider need to grab, not good. We should make good use of robotr.txt and Nofollw tags, reduce the distribution of dead links and duplicate pages and weight value. We all love each other but also is the connection between, if this is a new word, the article is not to put too many links, especially the link to your home page.


4, using some means of cheating, which will lead to your site is down right or K stand. If you don’t do this, perhaps the competition with these means in thy station, it must pay attention to, often check the chain, if there is a chain of garbage over, with the chain > love Shanghai

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