The search engine with the dark magic weapon to help Shanghai nine dragon ER demon Slayer

fifth –

The steering wheel, a city landmark

second, three – death gods knife label

this is the first impression, and find friends love, generally not good first impression of PASS probability are great. The website also is such, generally look very pulpy website I rarely see the inside of the basic content, like ZAC’s blog, although the ranking is very high, but he.

site navigation like a car, can not imagine the two city, there will be more chaos, will have more risk. The site navigation, can let visitors find the content they seek as soon as possible. If a person into your website to look for a long time you do not know what is the web site, you can imagine, this website ranking good? To tell you the truth, this awful network do not, until now, I don’t know if this site has no substantive content, go to look for a long time don’t know what to write.

third, Battle Axe – God long tail keywords

sixth –

Micro-blog said yesterday in the

column update slower, but today also decided to write an article to look for inspiration. Recently, Shanghai love search engine is dark heavy, we use words called ventilation, ranking changes N times a day, a little difficult to understand, today is combined with their years of website optimization (Shanghai dragon) experience, share website optimization Shanghai dragon 9 magic weapon: < /p>

website Babel Fish

first day, cut – Excalibur server

website structure like large supermarkets, shopping malls layout, what varieties, what brand classification should be clear, imagine you go to a supermarket to buy things, everything everywhere and sell food in place on cleaning the toilet, you are in the mood again? Site structure too, such as you are a Shanghai the dragon’s website, there is a section of the Shanghai dragon optimization, others point into a look, all is my bad mood ah ah, how I feel depressed ah how ah, so that people dare to seek you to do

a lot of successful large forum, website, 65% of the traffic is not from the main keywords, but long term, the first word competition long tail of small, second long tail word user goals with strong.

site structure defeated God HalberdThe

fourth, from the aegis – site navigation

site title, description and keywords is self-evident for a website’s positioning function is the core of the website, the website of the root, like a tree, the root is unstable, the wind blows down the strange.


at this point, do not do too much introduction, if a site is not open or unable to access the state, you can imagine the search engine will give it a high ranking? Personal blog station is no reference to this point, the result now web site space is not stable, unable to access the site often.

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