To do so please stop Shanghai dragon spam links

spam links? features of spam links

and title as well as 3. page content seriously inconsistent description. A lot of gray industry website trying to sell.

"The output link

1. appeared mainly in the forums and blog comments or messages without any value. Do not know which of Shanghai dragon A5 and Shanghai dragon WHY, many Shanghai dragon is very active in the two forum, this is why the A5 and WHY forum in Shanghai Longfeng production post every day and replies to such a huge amount. We are most interested in is the signature style posted in the forum, and talked about this, think not to spend what energy can get a large number of the chain, but also included is also very good, everyone thinks that such a link is effective. Then through the love of Shanghai in October 23rd to update algorithm, we can see that the love of Shanghai has begun to punish these junk links. This link is itself no one click, no value.

in October 23rd for many webmaster is a spam link instead for the crowning calamity, high quality, meet the needs of users of the site links, is undoubtedly a a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. Drop right or punishment on those sites all day long hair spam links, as countries deal with criminals so cheerful. Of course, I am also very supportive of this approach to love Shanghai, to purify our fair network environment. So do the Shanghai dragon is premise with the man, you want to succeed, you must abide by the rules of the game, this is the bottom line, otherwise you might end up breaking the premeditated deliberately plan is empty. So I urge all the Webmaster: please stop spam links, only the user needs to do, otherwise it is waiting to be eliminated. So through my understanding of Shanghai dragon to tell you something about spam links.

spam links means that the purchase of a link or by mass tools or way to put a lot of links posted on the site itself has no association with the content on the platform, such as forum or B2B platform, and this link does not have any value and contribution of the site’s weight lifting, but also cause love Shanghai to punish our website so, the link is defined as spam links.

2. generation (collection page) page generated links. We always love those so-called wipeout flicker, they boast that help the construction site can be automatically generated every day, which can form a spider regularly to visit our page, but also conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, is it really? Automatic generation are some spam every day directly from the site collection of others, and these contents are not readable, only through software to modify or replace some content, collecting other people’s content, and provide the site will be unable to gain, the search engine punishment.

, what is spam links? How to determine

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