Website optimization how to solve the problems in the process of content

2, a new product when, can new products around the instructions to organize the original article

3, around the product functional organization of the original article

for each company.


4, around the company’s development of the

1, from the user needs, the user to write some more practical articles

website, the main purpose is to solve the problem of the user, if the user to your site, solve his problems, he will leave, even through the optimization method, attracted a lot of traffic, but the content of your website, for users, are some of the rubbish, they do not become loyal users of the site, or you jump out rate is very high, so we can try to write the contents of the article, from the user point of view, we can take as a site visitor, and then think about what the user needs, and then through a certain method to dig out some long tail keywords, the keywords. The organization website content, this content is excellent for users, because it solves the problem of the visitors, starting from the user experience. Slightly, to search engine, is also very friendly.

for some products website, we can write articles from some of the functions of the product, you can write some of this product can do what can bring you what not, it can play a certain role in marketing, have properties similar to the soft, and why should we buy this product, all you can start to describe the.

website, no website content is not enough, in fact, Shanghai Dragon technology is again high, if there is no content support, will not achieve what effect, the content of the website is fundamental, while Shanghai Longfeng optimization only auxiliary means, it is a method to search engine content better to show out of it the search engine can be essential to your website content to the relevant keywords ranking, thus bring some traffic, but does not need the site content, and content rich website search engine is love, not the content of the website, is not a long-term development, so below I will from his personal experience how do I, to look on the original web content.

basically every site provide some content or services, for some products, we can use methods and products around the attention to write content, such as the sale of machinery, assembly method can write some products, matters needing attention in the process of using, and maintenance methods, these are the user needs to see, for some type of service website, we can clearly describe the services we provide and what kind of service price, a detailed description of the service process, and there is no customer service service to write. In short, tightly around the product itself to excavate the content, also can dig out a lot of practical content out.

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