The webmaster rely on what to effectively maintain website traffic growth

, the continued expansion of the long tail keywords


, even if the keywords optimization up, and not to extend some long tail keywords, then your website traffic can only stay in the five thousand or so, and if the keywords ranking once lost, then the site traffic will also decline rapidly, so how to maintain the site traffic growth? So, to really want to effectively not because the keywords ranking drop caused traffic dropped rapidly, so owners need to continue to expand the site more long tail keywords, so can let the site to flow to the keyword is too single, the site traffic will not be because of a keyword ranking by lifting big impact.

what kind of way to effectively maintain the growth of web traffic is very effective? The answer is of course to increase the quantity of repeat site. In fact, as some well-known portals, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu and so well-known website traffic to their websites mostly through repeat, and this also proves that the website has a certain appeal. So we need to effectively maintain stable flow through the website, then increase the user to lead is a very effective method. To increase user retention rates, the website has a large number of popular high-quality content, the website user experience is better, the content of value to the user, the user love website, the website should have five angry. By doing these five points is not difficult to increase the user’s back. But if the site has a large number of repeat words, even if the keyword ranking dropped, it will not affect the deviation to site traffic. Therefore, to maintain the growth of web traffic, which increase the user’s back rate is very worth a try.


site keywords flow mainly prove website to obtain certain rankings, but if keywords bring traffic is very close to the limitations, such as the construction site of the word, the love of Shanghai index query flow, as shown in figure


increase the user’s lead As shown in figure

has a website traffic and not say that it is successful, can only be said to be the beginning of success. As the saying goes, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult. Maintain site traffic is not reduced and the same is true. In the webmaster promotion optimization, webmaster to the site every day not to mind taking the trouble to do outside the chain, one of the most basic is to improve website traffic, such as the original site flow is 19 IP, then hope hope will increase to 20. But often many web site traffic is not stable, and this is mainly because the keywords ranking is not stable, most of the individual stations are relying on search engine traffic, with no two on what this. So for the effective maintenance of website traffic can be achieved by what method? Today I talk about Adsense rely on what to effectively maintain traffic growth.

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