Understanding site traffic anomaly trace document

document also mentioned due to mismanagement (Pan domain analysis, the website was hacked, the server is linked to the horse), caused by the site right down, will cause the webmaster attention;

website traffic fluctuations nothing more than 3 reasons: abnormal fluctuations (website right down, adjust the algorithm), normal fluctuation;



document error setting causes mainly focus on maintenance, including abnormal CDN, UA/IP ban, Robots file shielding, the three is easy to overlook the inside is a Robots file, a lot of people when adjusting the robots file, accidentally blocked grab, to the search engine not index page;

focuses on the interpretation of this document are the top 2 reasons: right down the website and



personal recommendations first encounter this kind of situation, don’t mess up, the first thing to do is to quickly recall this period of time has not done big changes on the site, then we should also look at the competition site is not ranking also have influence, finally we have to look at some stationmaster forum is not many other >

is a large site, the use of the CDN node acceleration, should also consider whether the CDN service providers change IP if the user has not informed, the document also gives the solutions can be used to love Shanghai grab the diagnostic tool for error; see figure

In fact, the The

internal analysisAnalysis of the characteristics of operation and maintenanceSummary of the website in the

summarized above are the result of wrong settings and some objective factors outside the web site right down, of course, most of the time, the site right down is caused by factors within the site, resulting in more of course when there are internal factors website right down the website;


first page down right, namely a kind of structure of the uniform code of the pages in the web site. After the selected features page to determine what is what causes the web page down right, such as whether the outside release of a large number of spam links, website content is serious impact on the user experience, collecting a large number of similar content; this is divided into two kinds:


A, ranking no flow without

last 2014, love Shanghai in all parts of the country in many places held salon owners now share activities, including the Xuzhou salon, was entitled "abnormal flow tracing process" speech platform by senior expert Ji Dongqi webmaster friends in a speech about the website traffic abnormal when some concluding thoughts are to give people inspiration, can help webmasters have a coherent analysis of thinking in the face of website traffic anomaly. This paper is aimed at "site traffic anomaly trace documents" published some extension and thinking about


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