God is behind the Shanghai dragon may be doomed eternally

don’t know everyone is doing what the site, anyway I am art training, this is probably the characteristics of our business activities under the line may be more, because we are together online and offline enrollment, sometimes in the website ranking is not ideal, students are brought from the line, and the like I am certain of this city arts training site can be said to be in innumerable, fell in love with the sea three pages have turned up, in the face of such fierce competition, any new sites in this.

Shanghai dragon can be said to be an artifact of grassroots webmaster heart, because we don’t have the money to do the bidding, no extensive market network to develop the line, we can only rely on their own keywords do Shanghai Longfeng ideal position, rely on love Shanghai to enhance their own sales flow. In a sense, Shanghai dragon gave us the opportunity to develop, for he is our artifact. But God is hidden behind too much uncertainty. Because the Shanghai dragon website optimization is a long process, we need to have enough patience and strengthen their execution, updated every day a certain number of articles is not questionable things, no matter how hard to write, no matter how difficult, you must suffer the pain, because it is the need of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon, has very important significance in the grassroots mind, and this will cause the change of meaning some webmaster mentality, because every day outside the chain, not necessarily not be deleted, writing is not necessarily to be included, even if a large portal for you to contribute, that was a close call, the rare. Webmaster efforts are always ten times the harvest, so when the executive power is more and more owners filed, but the concept of substitution. Buy black chain, mirror sites, station group and so on a series of cheating but appear, some owners even for a little weight to deceive others chain, in Shanghai Longfeng environment of cheating has been formed, we resolutely shifted the execution to the opportunistic, who also don’t want to write the content every day that everyone wants to see the effect immediately, once and for all, and this caused Bianwei execution, as well as 6.28 large-scale K station, the station K friends in 90% of the site is not a development opportunity, and this is our own cause.

don’t know what time they have been accustomed to add a variety of keywords in the article, it is to control the keyword density as obsessive, maybe you will say I am a Shanghai dragon master, had implanted his life in Shanghai dragon, but I am not, I am just a grassroots for the webmaster, Shanghai dragon can be said to be understanding, and the general public, just stay in the content, the chain, the user experience, but I can do it to your site, and reach the profit level, I think it is their own execution problems. Of course, for the Shanghai dragon, I also have a little of his own idea.

see Shanghai dragon from competitors, online and offline do not conflict with

from the execution of Shanghai dragon, don’t shirk any responsibility for

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