Hefei mother using META tags quickly upgrade Shanghai dragon ranking

, what is the META tag

2, Keywords (keywords) have >

two, how to use the META tag

1, TITLE (title) TITLE is the most important one in all "label, use it is equivalent to the Search Engine Submission Web site name card, if he will love you in the search results page to your higher ranking. Our general analysis point of view, try to avoid using TITLE to write the absolute matching form, should tend to match or analysis, written in complete form. Because different search engines have different requirements for the number of TITLE characters, so we use which in response to the search engine optimization arrangement of the number of characters. In general the number of characters is less than 40 (equivalent to 20 Chinese characters) is appropriate, which meets the requirements of most search engines. In addition, in the TITLE if it contains different keyword phrases, should use the link connection symbol. Shanghai dragon in the connection of general symbol is "_", "-" and "|", especially pay attention to the difference before 2. The first symbol is used to Chinese characters, the second is the common language English character. Finally, avoid malicious accumulation of keywords in TITLE. You can see my sample web site < Title > ru21 Ann body composite films _ what _ hangover hangover medicine RU21 Ann body composite films < /title, > both the number of characters or special symbols are reflected in the Shanghai dragon.

webmaster know, the source code in the design process have an important role to Shanghai dragon ranking can be said that the source code of the META tag is the site of the face. The search engine is by reading the source code to understand the contents of web pages. Then we can’t be found in the source region of head contains many META tags. Using META tags to rapidly promote Shanghai dragon ranking. The mother of Hefei do a detailed introduction about the correct use of META tags in the process of Shanghai dragon, grasp the essence of the rankings point the day and await for it.

META tag is auxiliary tag page head, its role is by setting some parameters to describe page properties. The META includes 2 important attributes, one is the http-equlv (page title information) and name (page description information). With the W3C source code must contain the 2 basic attributes. The page header information is often fixed, different "little change, as long as conforms to the W3C specification; the key lies in the correct Shanghai dragon name attribute configuration. The Name property is particularly important for title, description and keywords parameter configuration. The website of ru21 Ann body composite films 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 as an example, explains how to enhance Shanghai Qiao META tag ranking dragon.

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