How to increase the chain webmaster

many people, especially bloggers, have given free information on the website, a lot of skills, others will be more than you. Then, the fact is the reader to understand more, even if you tell others what you know, you are still the expert, because you have direct experience, people will think you are a person can complete the work.

two: take the initiative to contact the transfer station. "


first of all, by sharing their knowledge to the visitors masses, can accumulate outside the chain, after all, if you provide valuable insights, other people will pay attention to you, but the reader may also send you the recommended connection to other friends. They will help you refer to those articles on them. This influence is far more important than the number of the chain.


finally, the link will bring traffic, the most important. Many people have a misunderstanding: I think the text to other sites, but did not bring a flow. In fact, traffic is not important, the focus is how many people through this article you know. People know you, and this article is useful to him, they naturally take the initiative to visit you.

take the title of great, look at the people can get a lot of the chain, if you are an impatient person, do not see this article. I summarize some ideas and methods may be useful and may be useless. To obtain a large number of the chain is not one or two days to fix, only a certain amount of the chain will persevere. Lu Songsong will be from the site of the early and middle mentality, text and some tips to explain the increase of the chain method.

The The biggest advantage of

then, your links are shared more in the eyes of others, your prestige is higher. So it is for the reader or search engine. If I found you on your recommendation in a popular article, although in another website and see on your recommendation, then I will trust you more easily. Similarly, when the search engine to search for various sources never point to your page links, it will be you as a contributor.

sharing of knowledge you can get what

knowledge sharing is you give other people to provide information to increase their trust in you, which can take the initiative to add your link. I think most people are seeing many articles about half of the abrupt end, even the title is very attractive, can be said after the point in a set. For example, in my blog article, "ChinaZ" is often reproduced, although not take the initiative to publish, but as a well-known master station, people will take the initiative to join the edit link, and indicate the source of the.

site is medium, how to increase the chain

method was the best way to increase the high quality of the chain to the site, a pile of crap following two section I is to prove that the chain increases, the mentality and the content is very important. Only sharing mind in order to get a good reputation, people will happily give you plus links.

: don’t be afraid to share knowledge

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