Love Shanghai recently K station to our enlightenment

, why love Shanghai K out of the station and most of them are medical site or Taobao

site directly pulled hair, one is not included rankings.


K station, where I was the group of crazy, meet is your website is K? My website is K you help me take a look at how you like, tell the truth, I have not encountered this kind of situation, I was very calm do some data analysis, including the K station before the section of the website content has included etc.. Many people will say, I also collected directly or copy of the article, I do nothing? Obviously, just a matter of time, 22 survived in the same site No. 28 did not survive, today does not k you, tomorrow maybe your ranking will disappear. A lot of people including have been pursuing what? With the shortest time to obtain the rank that he is very much, I also like one of my friends 4 days a new domain name to the new index of about 500 words to the first row >

1, the website included in note, ranking dropped to thousands of miles away, is thousands of miles away.

two, K

we all know, the medical industry is now a very lucrative, from the previous TV ads to the present network marketing, the transformation of a short period of time is that the inside of the profits, it is because of this, so it caused vicious competition within the industry, a large amount of hospital website, but not so much ah ah like the treatment of symptoms, so the editors will go to copy and paste or simple modifications to the site, resulting in a large number of no value to the page, the search engine is the most valuable page display for the user, so love Shanghai update, those who rely on the survival of the copy web site, naturally disappeared. Taobao guest site I will not say, on the Taobao page, following acquisition of spam or copy the contents of a user has no value, just for ranking and ranking, regardless of the user experience, K also makes sense. From the above analysis, this update is for the love of Shanghai website content, also is the site of the article, love Shanghai official also confirmed this view. Although Shanghai love technology is not perfect, the site received many innocent implicated.

3, the website included, the site result is extremely unstable.

love Shanghai recently appeared frequently updated, all the following phenomenon of a large number of medical site and Taobao site:

I believe a lot of friends on the above views are very touched, some friends indeed loved Shanghai to update the "dry" drop, including six sites the company have fallen in 22 and 28 update, the company to the brink of bankruptcy risk, so this article tearfully write analysis report. The.

what should you do?Since the 2,

4, the new assessment period lengthened.

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