Construction site how to choose the domain name of the website

reduced domain are often able to quickly let users remember it, it can greatly enhance the user’s access to two times, it is very useful for a web site. Of course, if you can register your site theme has correlation with domain name is naturally more perfect. But now that the basic domain name streamline hot words are bad light, they will be registered to the domain name in the third party platform for sale, if you are interested can go to these types of sites selection, generally贵族宝贝 domain price will be relatively high.

3. domain name

domain name suffix also pay attention to this, specifically to look at your website is engaged in what services. Many of the old owners believe that the domain name贵族宝贝 is the best and most authoritative, in fact. Under the same conditions,.Org and.Net of the two represents the non-commercial site suffix has more advantages than the贵族宝贝 ranking. At the same time, said China domains.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn will also have more advantages than贵族宝贝. A domain name suffix, the more we should start from the future site theme, so that it is more beneficial.

2. domain name suffix about

when you are ready to purchase or registered some old domain name, you should go to see it is not "". If you have a "criminal record", it is not recommended to have it, because it will cause great adverse effects on your new station. How to evaluate the domain name is punished? The author lists the following methods:

– WayBackMachine query. The WayBackMachine website provides domain name history inquiry, although some histories are not fully displayed, but we choose the domain name >

can be said that in the beginning of the construction site for the domain name choice tend to spend more time. A good domain name to the site can bring more substantial benefits, while for the latter part of the website optimization is more favorable. Then we should be how to choose more suitable for their own website? I think we should consider from the following aspects:

– site, link, domain integrated instruction. When the site data is 0, while link and domain have the data, then the domain name is likely to have "form".

when we register a domain name must choose a large company more formal, because this can guarantee the efficiency after the domain name transfer to renew, or other business management. Now there are many small companies registered in the domain name service, not to say that these small companies are not normal, but when we think the reaction problems, they also want to continue to react, thus with the feedback cycle,

4. to determine whether there is a "criminal record"

1. select a reliable supplier of domain name

The main body of the simplified

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