Expose several pseudo Shanghai dragon phenomenon of the real side

do not know what time the Shanghai dragon changed the flavor, with no technical things, but for various reasons to evade the crucial point of marketing highfalutin is a very obvious, example, many practitioners don’t care about the rankings in Shanghai love big update before, but the name of the banner of marketing to drainage, diversification is certainly good, but we to abandon the simple and use love from Shanghai? I think this is an extreme method of fighting, when we are in the development of the industry, we were too radical, and these immature performance are the pseudo Shanghai dragon performance, then you are

C if the first two are not very serious mistake, then no moral cannot be forgiven. I do not know if you have not tested, we in the A5 article, after less than four times the others will immediately become a reprint articles, links deleted even, the key is posted on their links, an article did’t, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix more and more lost sincere charm, everybody has become too self, not respect others, in addition to deceive friends of the chain were also prevalent on the surface of zhengyilinran, hate deception, secretly doing the dirty work, these are the true face of the puppet Shanghai dragon.


D egoistic smallholder consciousness, not only into the. Now Shanghai dragon industry really bad, take the guest website, if there is no good method for the new station site, it is very difficult to collect, not to mention money, but this does not mean that the guest who do site will fail, and still have some IT do, but only a few what’s the use? When you >

B once the website were easily confused. 6.28K station when the storm comes, I think that many webmasters are crazy, because I worked so hard to do the site overnight back to the liberation, so some dismal webmasters will you use this idea anxiously launched webmaster malicious click event, causing many informal enterprises huge losses. Don’t love Shanghai is right or wrong, only see from all this practice can, we are not rational, not mature enough, very easily in the face of "accidents" are confused, which will be used by others, and then serve as the navy.

A encountered things would think of their own how to solve, but look forward to the Savior, so when the 360 search engines, more webmaster called, looking forward to the 360 can have a more outstanding performance, change the status of their own, but a 360 can make many no money no traffic to the website is back? Not a single large case who do not want to see, but this is what we now have to face the situation, cannot change, 360 growth still need time, we certainly can not be all the time stuck in them, do their work, and effectively improve the quality of the chain, do a good job the flow is introduced, that is a true Shanghai dragon should do something.

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