A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered a green hand

has just started working very excited, no matter how feel with their Tao Dream is a step closer. The company is small, only 10 to 3 individuals, Shanghai Longfeng Specialist (including me), one of the two years, another 2 months earlier than me. The first day of work, give me some of Shanghai dragon sense is the most basic common sense, say that in the forum. But when young and naive, thought is what profound knowledge. Then second days, give me 10 website called me with new content, and then register the chain, every day is not a mechanical stop doing repetitive work, then entangled in a series of problems, how can I update the content included ah, how do the chain is effective, what time ranking to go up, I often take these questions to ask my teacher, she is just that time naive to think that only smiled but did not reply, she is deliberately not told me now to think carefully, one does not think the Shanghai dragon you will only be a chain of migrant workers.


in Shanghai Longfeng almost two years, two years of ups and downs from inside, a young child first do not understand what is now the network marketing director of a company in Hangzhou, from the original nest in a small company with 1.2k to now 20K per month, from the first person squatting in front of the computer alone in some Shanghai Longfeng list, now have a team of more than 30 people, at least I can say is now out of Shanghai dragon rookie. See their way through, and around the young Shanghai dragon Er, and they always want to share what. Now to share my story to everyone, hope everyone in the future career of Shanghai dragon’s help, a little less detour.

from Shanghai Dragon into this industry, I have replaced the 4 company, before the stay in a state-owned bank inside a year, of course, is the most evil work, then came out, why not explain, you know. After it has been very confused, not knowing what to do the work. A chance to see a post on the Internet, is about the Taobao customer, of course is that Taobao customers how wonderful, you can do what part-time or a monthly income of 10 thousand, I was confused, there was such a good job ah, then to Shanghai dragon slowly contact. After the job has been very a sense of direction, just want to do the work of Shanghai dragon. Several times to the talent market, the results are rebuffed, or those with no experience, no professional like (later learned that they are looking for Shanghai dragon head). Frustrated many times, naturally feel worth drop, then found on the Internet, cast a resume, finally a Hangzhou network company to call me to go to the interview, is Shanghai dragon specialist, but very exciting, not how to think, 1.2k will accept the new job.

does not have 20 days, my teacher left, no way I can.

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