A relationship between the Shanghai dragon and working principle of the search engine


(4): search engine query system page cache, query

is hard to imagine that the search engines don’t download page back to join the search engine page library, the search engine will analyze how to page. Don’t let the search engine according to the demand on the page for download, real-time analysis, and then directly show oh?…… So the efficiency will be very low, to search a keyword in the search engine users, need to spend a lot of time to complete analysis to the user, return the results, the user is not afraid of getting impatient

back? Why the

not only that, for the search engine is a main mission and two points, grab more pages, but according to the analysis of system and query system, according to the degree of importance to observe some of the page.

run away?

(1): search engine download page download system

search engine?

in fact, the search engine needs in a very short period of time, the user’s search request to return results, so we need to advance the establishment of a database in the search engine, and then the common information into the cache, so that you can guarantee in a very short period of time, in response to the request of users.

(3): the search engine index system according to the analysis results, decide whether to be included,


about the cache, you can own love Shanghai, I have a not very good example of mechanical hard disk like computer and solid state disk relative to memory speed (the difference is obvious matter or geometric level)

search engine to work in this way? What is the mission of the

for more important pages more frequently updated pages, show many pages, need to allocate more resources to track.

is one of the most basic unit based on Internet, the search engine on a web page to expand the work they need to experience the following four links (including but not limited to):

(2) analysis system: search engine page analysis

search engine needs as much as possible search and download all pages on the Internet, this is the only way for the user to provide more reference information. I’ll give you an example: many people are talking about, Google search experience in academic circles is much higher than the other search engines, but also can be said that the quantity and quality of Google in the world in the academic circles of the crawl page should be much better than other search engines.

(1) search engine why will download

Hello, I am a white, self Shanghai dragon is less than a year, recently read a few books related to the search engine principle, combined with their own experience in Shanghai dragon, to write this article to share with you, hope you can save some time, also provide some ideas for the problems encountered in Shanghai in the process of your dragon.

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