360 search online Webmaster Platform to us what impact

360 search Webmaster Platform on-line in January 24th, micro-blog saw the news I was eager to try a platform with Sitemap submission, site safety testing, site speed, PING detection and DNS detection of the five functions, one can help webmasters to submit collection, on the other hand can even understand the website the speed and performance of on-line search platform 360, as everyone knows is to draw against the Shanghai grassroots webmaster love, then it is for our website is exactly what effect?

Site speed, PING detection and DNS detection function of the remaining

do not have to say, compared to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 360, and not too many features, but each function it launched are practical, not only well to love Shanghai, also provides a more user-friendly platform and entrance for Shanghai users constantly complaining about love. The future of the station will have more choices, love Shanghai and 360 of the war on the surface is not a smoke of the search wars, in fact only competition can infer continuous development of the Internet, to provide safe and comfortable service for owners. This article from Zhangye looking for eight quit the original 贵族宝贝zhaobajie贵族宝贝.


is the second, 360 website security testing, when a site is in danger that when the 360 search results, not only affect the search engine will also affect the status of site in the center of the user, even 360 will change the web shield not open the page appears, so that the site security is in heavy. 360 website security testing can let the webmaster know their website security, also found security detection webmaster tools also use third party safety testing in 360, as for the love Shanghai has been to accelerate the use of music and three party site security tools, but the 360 coordination site safety inspection site guards greatly protect the interests of the owners this is the sea, love no intimate service.

first, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Sitemap is not completely open, which makes many people feel powerless and frustrated, but the launch of the 360 Sitemap submission function can be described as timely assistance, let everyone’s website is more conducive to search engine crawling, the guidance of the 360 search engines more quickly and fully grasp the content on the website, to enhance the interaction with the spider webmaster. So the webmaster should how to add Sitemap, the first step to add the site and wait for verification, add data, deployment of documents in accordance with the XML format specification, fill in the file storage address, click Submit. It can search an online map to generate the Sitemap website, a few minutes can quickly complete the work.


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