How long time will not update the site rescue ashore

. Delete the existing data, re established data

with the increase of Internet site competition, a part of the webmaster friends will give up the temporary site after entering the Internet for a long time, turned to the rest of the battlefield, and after waiting for a period of time, this part of the webmaster and want to make a station, this time before the abandoned site can be used on


maybe many webmaster thinks is the site of the IP increase, but a website has not been updated or not ranking, your website IP come from? So webmaster friends when restarting the new site should pay attention to the website of the PV value, increase the PV value of the site, reduce the invalid IP unnecessary the. For example, you click to enter your site, don’t fall in love with the sea from entering even have a look to learn much more click, open the page, so you make friends or other IP to do so, love Shanghai will think your site has value, will be re included, if still open the site look left so, this website will be included after the love of Shanghai K.

long time not update the site in the search engine is a waste site, when the site have included the search engines to crawl sites every day, and the result is to grab the contents of Web site as like as two peas, so in one stage is famous search engine. The webmaster friends want to re enable this type of site should be careful, following detailed talk about how long time will not update the site to save Shanghai.

two. Pay attention to PV, reduce the redundant IP value

webmaster friends in enable a long time not update site when the first thing is to delete the web data now, because now the website data has been search engine grab numerous times, and may have formed numerous reprint, this type of data on a web site is not much effect. So I suggest you webmaster friends to delete the existing data, the re establishment of the data, and the data in the re establishment of a process should focus on streamlining structure and code, to any website are standing in the streamlined structure and code on the blog website included than enterprises or other type of website, this can be seen on the importance of website structure and code, and a long time not update the site should also be the case.

content and the chain should be complementary to each other, whether we are in what type of website content is the foundation, the chain is the core. If the owners did not update the site in the re opening for a long time, then you should add a dozen original content, and then the content of the web site to send love Shanghai to attract the spider crawling, this method is the most effective method, but also better than simply the creation of the chain home page or home page anchor text effect. As a webmaster, I suggest when re enabled website can use five pieces of content into a chain, then update five article content to send the chain.

three. Find the content and chain point


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