For the novice webmaster advice do the chain should do no artificial trace


2, only on the same key.

in this before, I have to point out there are many webmaster in the chain problem:

a website to get good rankings or by K, probably a variety of reasons, but if a webmaster every day is very hard to add your website original content for your web site with the chain, but it was the search engine punishment, it is a little injustice. But the owners also have to analyze why

since this rarely do some of the large Shanghai dragon chain, why so good? This is because there are a lot of fans in the website free to help them do the chain. But this is not the chain of artificial traces. Look! This is our place to learn. Of course, there are so many fans to help us better publicity, but for a novice website, it is obviously not realistic. So, next, I will explain how to imitate the chain like.


I think, if a webmaster so hard to run our own website, finally get the results you want, the most important reason is because of their wrong site optimization method, make the search engine that you are doing Shanghai Longfeng, even suspected of cheating, because this put you into the sand box. Therefore, I think it is necessary to put forward: Shanghai dragon, will do no trace of Shanghai dragon. Perhaps, this time, some owners asked me, if not for search engines to see Shanghai dragon traces, how to make up. This time, I must mention that many large web site, now basically did not make Shanghai Longfeng, but also can get good rankings in search engines. If you do not believe, you can try bean effect. Now, as long as you search engine on a movie name, you can see the bean ranking on the first page. I just try to search for the "noble baby apes", found watercress ranked second. You can also try to search other films in the noble baby, I believe there will be a similar result.


you this one time to ask: why is this some large sites also have such good results in the search engines? The answer is that their website complies with the principle of Shanghai dragon. But I can tell you that some large sites do not generally Shanghai dragon. Optimization on the inside, we do not analyze, but we can analyze their outer chain: This is my query to use outside the chain of tools results (remind novice, head of the general consensus is: use YAHOO to check the chain more accurate). We can see that the chain effect of watercress is very good.

1, the chain, for a period of time to do much, but over a period of time and not to do

many new Adsense will ask: my site row is always not good ranking? Even my website first nomination is very good, why then inexplicably was K

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