5 steps of the new website link building promotion

second, gradually extended. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete after the first step, according to my experience, the noble baby certainly included love, Shanghai may also included the contents of your home page. Now we need to gradually promote, because we are a new website, temporarily do not want to exchange links, we can go through the release of soft to improve the website links. Of course, it is best to leave the description text links, can not leave the website is ok. I personally think that the amount of control on day 10-20 the best, the best step by step. If you are a day hundreds of thousands, certainly dead.

fifth extended circle. In the arena, or rely on a friend. Even if we had no friends or do not have the resources, we can now accumulated through the exchange links, through friends, through colleagues, through forums, through the QQ group etc.. Friends exchange, resource sharing, you must give up their own resources, to change to change more resources. Rely on their own.

fourth, multi-channel promotion. After the development of more than three steps, the site should be included. We can through the promotion of multiple channels, such as we can exchange links. Link exchange is also a lot of stress, if you are a waste site, it does not matter content, links can. If you are a professional website or the brand website, the best website, but not sensitive or do not want to link key tube, is bound to affect the user experience. We all know that the quality of the link, and to him almost, because too much with you for others. After high quality, more demanding.

first, improve its content. Your site content must be early to improve, officially launched after the start of promotion. If your site is not ready, the promotion even if there is no access to the user conversion rate, and will give you the website or corporate brand products a negative impression is not good. After the line on the website not to publish links or promotion, keep update frequency every day, wait for each column, the home page is plump after promotion.

we do website, especially the website promotion is clear. Now exchange link is more difficult than the robbery are difficult. There is always a website from the new to the old process, we can also see a lot of new sites every day to success, but most of them are still not successful. How can we successfully tend to a number of website categories? No matter what kind of website, the website itself user experience, structure, content can be operated, the most difficult operation is only external link building, promotion development only, according to my own experience and share.

third, pay attention to the development of. Like every day we see others link is not removed, to check the operation site every day, such as a web site included, snapshots, the number of connections and so on are not ascending, if dropped or not, check what the problem is. At the same time, we will continue to maintain.

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