Dried food! New ways to high quality chain and the matters needing attention

, that is, some users of the micro enterprises website, started a chain exchange work immediately, and ignore the content of the website construction. Here, the micro enterprises must remind you that your website content perfect before the new sites to exchange links, and the chain will improve, so that you and others exchange Links when other owners view your site, there will be a relatively good impression on them is relatively simple.

3.qq chain exchange group


many online Webmaster Platform, have a Links exchange place, or the use of Links exchange tools. In addition, some owners also recommended a chain exchange platform, the forum of stationmaster exchange platform etc..

if you have friends who have their own website, and weight is very high, you can go to the trouble for you to do them a Links, after waiting for your site weight up, then give them Links, so that everyone can get help each other. If you have such contacts, do not worry, it is not connected to one or two days will be able to accumulate, after slowly accumulate good.


is also a way to spend money to buy links, but the risk and the cost is relatively large. For the novice, if you can not judge the quality of a chain, it is best not to buy links, although this is a kind of method, but this does not recommend the use of.

new Links note

1. exchange chain must check each other’s site has not been included in the Shanghai love. If it can’t > not included

1. personal connections

2. link exchange platform

many new Adsense in the chain do tend to get wrong, even when not know. Some people do when the chain doesn’t study, it is easy to put your own website not to take into account.

for the novice, novice can also go to add a chain exchange group, you can also find related, such as I do Shanghai dragon, I will go to search for "Shanghai dragon new chain exchange group, here need new friends to practice, very easy to use. For the micro enterprises website users can also try to find some exchange chain in our webmaster user QQ group.

Links the new way Buy

Links for a new station, its function can not be expressed in words, if you have a new website, get some high quality Links the promotion, your new search engine will reduce the time of the audit. Although the majority of beginners understand the importance Links, but I do not know how to carry out the work. Today, we have to find ways of high quality Links and talk about new sites and precautions.


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