How does shlf1314 locate ads on my web siteshlf1314 AdWords Lonely Nine Sword

in your choice of potential customer groups corresponding to the language and country or region. For example, you can set only your ads appear on potential customers in a particular country, for example, there are now many French speaking countries, but if your target customers only in Canada, you can put in Canada except the French speaking countries blocked. In other words, the French query is unable to click your ad, because he does not appear. To avoid this part brings you extra and unnecessary expenses.

breaking knife. Advertising contrast test, preferred launch

finally, I’d like to add that the shlf1314 technology can also determine the main language of the web page.

How does

with square brackets "…" put your keywords in parentheses. For example: B2BmartsB2Bmarts this way, only when the keyword brackets with the keyword query type and you key phrases an exact match, your ad will appear in front of users. If the search keyword contained in other words, it will not appear in the search results of your advertising. This can effectively eliminate the irrelevant to your business visitors, minimize your advertising spending.

broke the gun type. Tracking the advertising effect, aware of

in a simple way, I think it’s two steps:

the first step is: apply for registration, join the ad plan -> login to the shlf1314 AdSense web site -> select and copy the corresponding AdSense HTML advertising code -> paste the code into the web page. The first step is over.

Zongjue. Target groups, targeted

in other countries, such as: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese or Spanish, AdSense for the site of the corresponding national language advertising content delivery. In addition, shlf1314 ads can also locate the location of the visitor’s location.

shlf1314 uses advertising code to understand the context and content of a web page, rather than just staying in simple keyword matching. Including keyword analysis, word frequency, font size and the overall link structure of Web like factors based on a sophisticated algorithm, shlf1314 can know the main content of a web page, and can be shlf1314 and accurate matching of each page.

after most of the accumulation, the following Lonely Nine Sword can help you in the shlf1314 AdWords rankings in advertising at the lowest price higher click rate, reduce the waste rate.

broken sword. Refining keywords,

shlf1314 tracks the each keyword advertisement click rate, but he is not going to track how many hits the conversion of your investment return inquiry order or. The proportion of investment conversion to track the advertising you can use a special tracking link for each advertisement. For example: you can give each product advertising with a direct link to the product page, and then through the website system in view customers have no >

If the page content is

shlf1314’s ads locate on the web? In fact, shlf1314 uses their proprietary search technology, and web ranking technology, these two technologies.

in the blade with good steel

from the above two steps, it is easy to see that the first step is for the site user; the second step is the shlf1314 execution action. In other words, as long as we do the first step, OK, and other things to the shlf1314 to complete. So how exactly does shlf1314 achieve advertising positioning? The following is the essence of the specific positioning of shlf1314:

second step is: shlf1314 using shlf1314 proprietary search technology and web ranking technology to paste advertising code web page related shlf1314 advertising. The second step is over.

some products may also call you are not allowed to grasp exactly what kind of abroad, such as 3G mobile phone abroad can be called " 3G mobile phone" ", 3G; cell, phone" " 3G; cellular phone" 3G, " handset" more than four kinds, so what country your potential customers which one do, you may not know. So, at the same time to comparative test on two or more advertising. Can be found through comparison that advertising a higher click through rate, and then use it to replace the original content of the advertisement. This process is repeated to obtain a click rate of the highest advertising content.

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