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indeed, since the media, the initial bonus period has passed, such as ten reading and so on large, depending on the early age bonus.

at this stage, the founder is a test. From a codeword >

content of entrepreneurship has fire for a long time, in the minds of many people, now is not the best time to enter, is it really? Recently, senior media people from contract to star group expressed his opinion.

and for example, the fire from the media has its occasional nature. I have a friend do WeChat large, he already has tens of millions of powder, want to live now, have to find a few small red, to ask for my advice, I say ah, from the media because of the fire has a great chance, red fire is especially difficult to network.

I know a lot of individual stationmaster, it is to work part-time, while operating website. Some owners even participate in this meeting of the money is tight together. Most webmasters earn almost nothing on their platforms.

not only after the bonus period, from the media is actually facing a variety of difficulties, such as difficult to scale. It has been said that why so many people vote from the media, perhaps because it is difficult to mass production.

in the Internet, there are such a group of no one knows the grass, their name is: Grassroots webmaster


Internet >

Internet is a miracle birth place, then similar like Hua Jun characters, more and more, there are many many later become owners of the idol, such as money, Chongqing Yu Long Lane Shopping in Hefei, Wang Hai, Guangzhou hotline mother Liu Ying. While similar Xicihutong Great Outlaws and Xiamen fish nets Yao Jincheng and so on, are already known in the arena. There are treasure net, Fuzhou convenience net, Wuhan proud net, a large number of valuation of over 10 million individual stationmaster website, to a large number of stationmaster of a lot of spiritual encouragement and future goals.

moreover, the business model is single, the vast majority of the media from the current income from advertising, and occasionally from the electricity supplier, such as mother and child category, logical thinking of such numbers. However, this kind of large size to make money on their own, why investors have to take the money, because this large to a certain level, in fact, it is difficult to add powder. We can only explain that, after financing, these large are not short of money, you can go to find the next business dimension.

initial bonus period has passed, now from the media yet,

remember a few years ago, in an Internet webmaster general assembly has seen the white hair of the Chinese army, one has so many webmaster admire example characters, more than 10 years ago, now many webmaster may was also a minor, but I know the name, but also fifteen years old six.


last year, the number of WeChat public will be over twenty million, but the real money is only twenty thousand. I’m talking about making a lot of money, and the only one that gets one ad a week doesn’t belong.

in addition to the Hefei hotline is relying on the acquisition by house365, listed on the gem, only a Guangzhou mother network Tencent invested 50 million, 19 floor acquisition of Chongqing Shopaholic, Jiangxi Tellhow group investment funds treasure net 10 million…… But this and the current mainstream Internet capital market, hundreds of millions of investment, like drizzle, only a few groups of moisture station Pyramid tip.

this and the current large group of webmaster, is nothing more than a drop in the bucket. In technology, many of our webmaster have special skills, and in income, our pitiful, so we are forgotten by the Internet of the sandwich layer.

we all feel that the content of entrepreneurship too fire, often heard someone who is financing, and do not say is not really melt into the capital, about the current hot, we see some really big head? We see No. five hundred, including money, found little big.


no flowers, no trees, I am a grass that no one knows.

contract when WeChat just launched, from the media, the success stories are also quite a lot, and now is easy to praise CEO. Yi Zan is a social media marketing platform built from the media and advertisers docking. From the media, the people to the media, the service providers, the contract has witnessed the whole development of content entrepreneurship. Here is the contract view.

but every time we are crazy, we exchange business cards at the meeting, talking about future dreams, and various patterns. We are interested in the exploration and application of new things, but are always lost in it.

back to the investment, slightly better public number, there are many investors chasing the cast. Some valuations have been three or four million, when the fund to enter, in fact, has not been appropriate, and the bad public number will not have investment value, so investors are also very tangled.

a lot of people ask me, now do from the media yet? Rose powder too difficult, too difficult to profit, content homogenization is also very serious, especially marketing large, out of a hot pursuit.

has only 1/1000 of WeChat public numbers to make money

Internet is a sandwich layer: fabric strength or Chiwang

every webmaster meeting, every to a place, always can see a large number of individual webmaster, carrying blood and passion, listening to the host of the instigation, in his dream cheer up. Cruel reality, but constantly let us sad and disappointed.

however, compared to the hundreds of billions of venture capital or often flashed on the media of Internet gurus, in this group, with hundreds of thousands of people in Chinese, seems to have been forgotten by the Internet world, their own self.

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