Make good use of the Taobao promotion program to double your income9 founders of 1 billion under 30


can create a $1 billion company before the age of 30, they can be described as a wunderkind, will undoubtedly become the most shining star venture.


what did he do:

as expected, did not get up, when to eat is back thanks to a lesson today, so this paper to remind you to write a guest brother, if you focus on the promotion of certain goods businesses, should advance to apply for promotion plan, general plan audit is not required, but the promotion plan requires a high commission audit. After a successful audit and then go to the promotion, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of income; also do not understand and appreciate the Taobao promotion plan of friends, everyone to read this article, then to know the application promotion plan, it can make your income or explosion double expansion, the Taobao crown book stores www.365mingdian original release, for reprint please keep the above information.

according to the common sense, I help businesses promote a lot of orders, although not before the application of high commission plan, but my identity should belong to the business of the big Tao, and later I found my business to supplement your application before the promotion plan share price, feeling a little rascal, ha ha, I decided to try look, if the business kind may have hope. The following is my business and customer service dialogue, in order to avoid advertising suspects, the business name has been wiped.

what did he do:

Drew Hou>

– siberman began his entrepreneurial career from shlf1314. After some unsuccessful attempts, he and his partner found the right path: create a photo aggregator website Pinterest. Pinterest leading to 20 million monthly independent access to the user the growth rate of development in this field and


so far, Pinterest financing amounted to $138 million, and its valuation has reached $1 billion 500 million. The siberman partner Evan Sharpe Evan Sharp is also 29 years old.


was established only two years, and Instagram has 80 million users. Kevin Systrom sells Instagram for 1 billion to Facebook.

first to explain Taobao customer promotion plan, the vast majority of businesses and shops have launched one or several plans, you usually do not apply for promotion plan, use the default is the general promotion business, general plan into proportion is relatively low. For example, we are very familiar with the Han clothing is currently launched three promotion plan, a general promotion plan is divided into the proportion of average is about 5%, the other one is for the strength of the big Tao launched the "high commission Kim Taobao plans to return into the average ratio of 15%, the last one for the three grade Taobao drill off the launch of the" 26%VIP plan "into proportion reached about 26%, obviously, if you apply for other promotion plan, the income will be explosive expansion, the following screenshot for the Han Douyi house promotion plan list for reference, not for advertising, just let you know brother Amoy promotion plan.

The results of

in 2010, Kevin Systrom founded the Instagram with his 25 year old partner. Instagram soon became the most popular mobile picture app, and now it has 80 million users.


is the youngest entrepreneur to start a company valued at $1 billion or more.


in April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. p subtitle e


Drew Houston launched its product at the Y Combinator entrepreneur conference: Dropbox. Now, the cloud storage company has valued at $4 billion.




dream Dongfeng new station 365 shops network launched in more than 20 days, one after another successful a lot of orders for a women’s business promotion, because it was not so fast that website to generate revenue, so did not apply in advance promotion plan, produced the first batch of orders, I went to apply for the business of the very high commission promotion plan it is a pity in my application promotion plan before the orders of all commissions proportion is 8%, the application plus Taobao mall subsidies can reach 16.5% of the share, the very big disparity, so late for a few days is the price of several hundred dollars less income.


what’s he doing:

– siberman left shlf1314 to start a business. After some failed attempts, he created Pinterest, an image aggregation site, and now Pinterest’s valuation has reached $1 billion 500 million.



in the fields of science and technology, more and more "successful youth" flash.



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