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confirms that potential users evolve into one of the most important things in the enterprise marketing process, but the results of these methods are often very inefficient. In the end, sales of the company’s products are still flagging, and brand influence is not even as good as it used to be.

the company’s lesson is: marketing is king, no marketing, products are no good at all. In turn, China has no lack of products, but because of fierce marketing and great success. For example, the melatonin advertised as tonic as "gold wine liquor, marketing is" next to children to buy gold wine to the parents, why don’t you buy for me?". Wicked marketing is marketing. I don’t advocate this, but you have to learn how to sell.

, a business model that threatens New Oriental online education companies, is a good project. But after the vote, the team went wrong: A found technology and >

Buzzoole is considering launching a geographically based mobile app that allows local services, including small businesses, restaurants and bars, to rely on the influence of social figures to promote goods. In addition, these services allow business clients to launch community question and answer services and reward winners with cash or prizes.

Xu Xiaoping is the co-founder of New Oriental, as an angel investor, he invested enterprises including Jiayuan, red yellow and blue, jumei and other famous enterprises, more than 5 years of investment of nearly 100 projects, enterprises are seen countless. Xu Xiaoping is also the "entrepreneurial small editorial will defeat" consultant. When it comes to entrepreneurship failure, Xu Xiaoping says: "when I vote for each project, I think" it’s another Facebook "- but it often turns out to be" death must not die. ". This is the process of always looking for hope in despair, and it is also a bitter and precious experience that I have invested for five or six years. Business failures happen every day. So we must allow failure, research failure, and generous sharing of failed stories, and finally draw wisdom from failure." Xu Xiaoping shared the seven sins in the process of investing in venture projects to entrepreneurs".

Buzzoole is an enterprise users want to help change the marketing mode of start-up companies, the company’s algorithm allows users of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest using Foursquare, blog and social networking sites such as optimization of online business, and to identify the social circle "influence". On the other hand, Buzzoole will help business users to contact these influential social users, if they agree to join the "win-win", then these companies will provide certain incentives to help these users such as brand promotion, discount, gifts, cash, products and to test the right, offline activities. As a result, users not only help brands gain influence, increase sales figures, but also win some prizes for themselves. It should be made clear that Buzzoole’s algorithm is based not only on quantitative technology, but also on qualitative parameters that allow enterprise users to figure out which areas are most influential".

through Buzzoole, enterprise customers can find their own social networking site has a certain influence of fans, and then re screening according to their own attributes. For example, a company belonging to the technology industry, and the company’s main business is mobile phone, so Buzzoole can allow the user to select keywords and fill in the industry, so that customers can choose the corresponding field of influential figures. When the selection is complete, Buzzoole will automatically generate an invitation message that includes the gift name and product profile, and then push it to the invited user. Users who accept the invitation can place their product information on their blogs, or send micro-blog on social networking sites to gain feedback and attention.

one, marketing is king, Greatproduct, badmarketing

recently, there is a book called "small business" defeat quickly jump red, unlike previous blindly advocating successful inspirational chicken book, the book focuses on the failure, was the 21 most classic, the most common and valuable enlightenment textbook Level case. Each case represents one of the most common failures, and basically covers the most vulnerable entrepreneurial pitfalls in the current wave of Chinese entrepreneurship. Also invited Niu Wenwen, Liu Qiangdong, Zhou Hongyi, Wu Xiaobo, Xu Xiaoping, He Boquan, Yao Jinbo, the most high-profile entrepreneurs Zuozhen, analysis these failure cases, zhichuo pain points. "Small business" defeat therefore known as "the most gold business textbooks".


vicious competition in today’s world gradually forced companies use a variety of ways to make homemade positioning for the brand, they need to find a suitable tool to entice consumers to participate in marketing activities, so as to enhance the brand in the network communication and credibility.

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company A is one of my earliest investment three companies, first-class American Business Academy, first-class talents came to China to do, it is possible to overthrow New Oriental a good project. They are web-based, which can satisfy countless people online learning at the same time. It can be said that there is no lack of good products and good education team, but there has been no local marketing experts, there is no localization, good products are not sold out. So, five years later, the company was forced to sell to others, and now basically failed.

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