Ali nailed the WeChat tweets full of the subway t’s all about the pain of the entrepreneurMobile

Abstract: NetEase cloud music after a wave of brand started advertising posters, but this nail group advertising is not the same. It put the official micro articles directly onto the subway corridor, but also by competing with each other WeChat staples nail made, can be described as eclectic.


In ." ."



"no life difficult Kaner, only not end kaner. "

"chatting hostesses peixiao, at a loss. "

do what you don’t want to do. "

this group of ads is to pay tribute to entrepreneurs, "entrepreneurial road, road resistance and long, pen and ink difficult book", despite all this, Ali nail or use 26 entrepreneurial stories, to describe the hardships of entrepreneurship and adhere to the cool:

, this feeling is sixth times. "


, talented Yu sat on the spacious sofa of Hotel Kunlun rock garden. The pearl decoration of the little blue dress made a soft light.


rekindle the pioneering flame

long stay in front of the computer, so she and cervical spondylosis, severe periarthritis of shoulder accompanied by serious decline in vision, had to frequently visit the optical shop.

seems to get talented, inexhaustible, is unable to avoid the "tragedy of entrepreneurs".


was afraid of suffering too. "



"for the sake of what you want,


in the last 80 hours, she replied to 491 emails, numerous WeChat messages, and nearly suffered a pain in his right arm.

In the afternoon of

from Germany in 2008

Hua Yu is the friends and customers million mouth of the talented". The overseas talented goal is: one day in the future, and 100 thousand million color network, together to achieve mobile Internet entrepreneurs dream.

nails ran to the WeChat downstairs ad, but this is not to tear force.


"can’t fall.". I don’t want to stop here. "




in more than 6 hours of Marathon interview, Hangzhou million color Agel Ecommerce Ltd sweet voice, speech, such as CCTV female anchor general CEO, from time to time with iPad show their own start-up partners.

1 city does not fall, people do not retreat 26 entrepreneurs tragic inspirational story

she half jokingly said, Wan color city now has more than 10 thousand network operators, she is familiar with hundreds of them; Taobao online has nearly 10 million sellers, Ma Ma can call the name may not have a few.

Figure ."

on her calendar, weekends are business day. Every weekend, she has to pack up her bags, go to the training meeting, meet with the front line entrepreneurs, and know the most vivid market.

2011, if not met million color city founding investor Zhu Haibin, now the talented life will be completely different, comfort and quiet.

lost money and lost his health. "


became enemies because of money. "

is based in Hangzhou headquarters and Qingdao branch. She arrives at the office at 9 a.m. and breaks at 2 am. At home in Beijing, she usually sits in front of the computer at 7 a.m. and works until 6 p.m., and she doesn’t eat or drink. After dinner, she began to see a variety of network operators in WeChat’s net from WeChat group of questions, feedback from the market, understand the current information, until the middle of the night.

"feel like you’re going to be successful this time,

these are quite fashionable pictures of large fan, is a vibrant youthful faces.

, who has just returned from Europe to Beijing, said the airport was her second home". For 3 years, most of the time, if she’s not at the airport, she’s on her way to the airport.

"because of dreams, brothers,


"40 degree fever, stay in the car, sweat all over, and then move on to the proposal.". ">

"afraid of not being worthy of one’s dream,

, the new colleague just three days away,



said that for a while, then gently pat the talented left arm and right shoulder.

Hua Yu can be like an old friend, without hesitation to name hundreds of network operators, and tell them in detail about the story of their business in the city of ten thousand colors.

the reason is that he also decided to start a business. "

for CEO that huayuhongbo talented lady


such a copy of the total of 26 groups, every word "heart", a person who has created a lot of empathy:


"dare not fall ill.". "

, this typesetting has cured my cervical spondylosis for many years…


"cry in the car and walk into the office laughing.". "

, "28 years old, half white.". "


they are in the color of the company to build e-commerce platform, "Wan color city" on the start-up network operators.

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