Ma Huateng talk about entrepreneurship originally wanted to do 1 billion we died earlyLost Ali mom

Ma Huateng: it’s difficult. At the most, do some small software to satisfy your hobby. We can’t count on doing 1 billion or billions of dollars. If we had thought like this, we would have died. This will control you every step, then you will find a lot of small things are not done, and see the server is not nervous, and constantly thinking about how 1 billion and 100 billion, it will be over. Everything is done in a little detail. Be sure to keep your goal to the minimum. Most people are the same as you, facing a variety of small Hom, as long as the deep end of their own Hom, and the rest of the natural will be distracted, backward, then you will go to other people’s front. Don’t be afraid of how fierce others are. Just do yourself and compare yourself.

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2. to see whether there is no user value, as long as things are done right, the cost will not be too high. Value, not give up, there must be returns.

interview excerpt:

from another point of view, such a good environment also makes competition among entrepreneurs more intense. Each entrepreneur dreams of creating the next Tencent, sh419, Alibaba, and hopes to produce tens of billions or even billions of dollars in market capitalization of enterprises.

, if we lost mom and GG advertising revenue Ali, we should do grassroots Adsense. Grassroots Adsense future and hope slim,.

interestingly, when it comes to entrepreneurship, Ma Huateng admits that if he wants to start a business now, he can’t say he’ll be able to make a Tencent like that. In keeping with the awe of the times, Ma Huateng shared his entrepreneurial experience:

3. products polished well, with a little, the user will naturally understand your mind.

who can win,


how do you manage the monster when you really have a big business?

these problems, but the "Global Entrepreneur" magazine in 2008 and 2011 two of Ma Huateng’s interview, provided some very valuable wise remark of an experienced person.

Taobao has a huge customer base, and now there is a Taobao, Ali mother. Taobao does not rely on sh419, every day there are enormous traffic, and we grassroots webmaster how to do it?

1. don’t set ambitious goals at first, but aim at the minimum, and things are done in a little detail. As long as you are buried in your own, you will naturally be distracted and backward.

website put sh419 search, GG, and Ali mother advertising, sh419 will take on the Ali Mama or GG advertising webmaster? Whether to drop the Ali Mama advertising website will be right down or even K? Likely ah, according to sh419’s years of understanding, sh419 has always been don’t lose

Q: if you start your business today, what would you do to cut into the Internet in China?

the hot news on the Internet these days is that Taobao blocked sh419 spiders. Taobao is not blocking other search engines, a single sh419, obviously, is the game between the two Internet giants.

is now the most suitable for the Internet era of Entrepreneurship: network infrastructure has become indispensable to people’s life, the potential huge user base; Tencent and other large companies to open platform business threshold to a minimum, only need enough good ideas and strong execution; social acceptance and tolerance of entrepreneurship is more and more high, facilities more perfect……

most grassroots Adsense are currently put on 2 kinds of advertising, one is GG, this is very popular, and two is Ali mother. The 2 advertising advantage is the low threshold, of course, good reputation, sh419 search on the lot, but let people know that this search will not bring much revenue, compared with the search click is PPC website is divided into. And sh419 theme promotion is to request ALEXA ranking in less than 50 thousand, the high threshold block most of the webmaster, so at present the biggest amount should be GG and Ali mother

, Taobao, GG, and sh419 are now rivals, and Taobao has announced a high-profile announcement to shut down sh419 crawlers. How will sh419 react?

in addition, first look at what you do, right, and there is no user value, as long as things are done right, the cost will not be too high. Secondly, we should consider whether the product can be well thought out, with a little bit of time and a natural user

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