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one, money’s pay. There is a saying called heart is how far you can go far in Wangzhuan on the road, you can’t arrest and bar, look to the long-term, you should not make the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but tens of thousands of pieces, to earn the money you don’t invest how can do it, we all know the guest need to spend money to buy a room to buy a domain name, this investment would not have said, because this is the most basic, I want to say is to optimize the investment in the promotion and guest website, the author of the Babanu Shopping for Refund net monthly investment in the chain is 300, but it is effective. Only by investing in these can you increase your turnover and increase your income. Tao is the core of the promotion, promotion of a variety of points, you can go to buy some advertising, or publish some tasks for others to give you promotion, these investments are not large, but its effect is 1+1> 2. Therefore, we must be willing to invest only in small interests in order to gain greater benefits.

Beijing time on April 7th morning news, shlf1314 fiber broadband project is located in Alphabet’s Acess department just quit the two executives, once again that the company is compressed in the high cost project scale.

joined shlf1314 in 2010 of Meiding once was a major supporter of shlf1314 fiber project, other experimental project and he led Alphabet. Meiding Thursday was appointed to the newly established Federal Communications Commission broadband deployment advisory board.

has commented on this.

three, mental effort. Everything is not immutable and frozen, we need to do guest thinking, summary, practice, reflection, summary, practice, so as to be in an invincible position. >


suspended expansion, some analysts expressed appreciation for Alphabet’s cost compression program. shlf1314 also cancelled some of its planned installations last month in its first market in Kansas city.

Access, vice president of Miro · Milo Medin and Meiding wireless infrastructure veteran Denis · Dennis Kish; Kish will leave the Department, but will remain at Alphabet. Gregory ·, head of the Access in February, and Gregory McCray announced changes in management to employees on Thursday at a meeting on. A spokesman for the Access confirmed the changes, but made no further comment.

led by Bharat, Alphabet tried to push shlf1314 fiber to more than 10 cities, but suffered obstacles such as increased competition and the legal challenges of telecom companies. shlf1314 fiber has also become one of the most expensive items of Alphabet costs besides shlf1314’s Internet business.

International Master Anthony · Robin said: attitude is fundamental to success, it is the foundation of success, the goal is the successful results, Tao also needs a firm goal and a correct method, but the most fundamental is the mentality, that attitude is everything. Taobao started off to do a period of time you may have no income, my heart there is a change, then have to give up the idea, why? Because you start also is not correct, it requires a time and explore a mature process, and this process requires time and if you pay. You do not want to pay, it can only be without a single success, maybe you will say the harvest does not necessarily have to pay, but no pay no gain one hundred percent. The so-called pay is not to pay a little time and energy, the following as Taobao customers have what to pay.

is currently in the Taobao customer is Wangzhuan, quite substantial, but not very easy, Amoy money is the need to pay attention to the strategy and adjust the mentality. The guest is more than a year, began to do have a point not to make, but not so give up, and make me more carefully, in this year also find out some experience, good mood today, with the aid of A5 platform to the point of my experience to share with everyone, hope for new friends from the heart of you have said inspired veteran look does not matter, sharing is always happy, also hope to share your experience.

two, the time to pay. If you know SEO, also know the website optimization is not a short duration of time things, Amoy the biggest website traffic comes from search engines, the words make up a process, the process of the doings I called it time to pay off. Novice if you do not understand SEO, you have to go to learn SEO, this is also a time to pay.

2014 from Qualcomm Kish quit shlf1314 fiber, and also from Qualcomm’s Access to the former head of Craig · Bharat Craig Barratt closely. Bharat abruptly left office last October, and Alphabet announced at the time that he would suspend shlf1314’s expansion in 8 cities and cut about 10% jobs.

Access Division has been shrinking since then, and about 600 employees will be transferred to shlf1314’s Internet business and other departments in Alphabet, according to people familiar with the matter.

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