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IT orange data show that as of December 31, 2015, IT orange company curry warehouse, a total of 989 companies in the "closed" state, accounting for 4.5% of the total, 83 new companies in 2014.


Abstract: you can get promotion effect from the website ranking, competitions and other activities in the website are few, many small hope to improve the popularity of the website is very difficult to obtain the value of promotion from the ranks. With the popularity of Internet applications and the arrival of a new round of Internet economic boom, there will be more competitions in various scales and forms. This paper summarizes and analyzes the value and main forms of website evaluation.

website ranking of website promotion value

website ranking function mainly has the following several aspects:

is the specific point of view, Beijing is the largest area in the deaths, a total of 411 companies announced the closure, accounting for 41%; Shanghai ranked second, a total of 206 companies announced the closure, accounting for 21%; Guangdong ranked third, a total of 137 entrepreneurial.

from the geographical distribution point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong is the high incidence of start-up companies in the region, of which the largest number of Beijing.


Table 1 closing startups profiles

is talking about whether Zhongguancun Venture Street attracted a large number of dreamers, all kinds of entrepreneurial salon and roadshow entrepreneurs, running every day in a number of projects among investors, or such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain incubators, as the emergence of new investment institutions, these without evidence, the Internet and mobile Internet popularization and development to 2015 China brought hitherto unknown opportunity.

, Tencent technology, IT orange and other platform investment data on the Internet in 2015 announced the closure of the company conducted statistics and analysis, hoping to bring a different perspective from the outside world to think more.



Tencent technology reported on January 22nd,

Table 2 closes the geographical distribution of start-up companies

closed, IT orange explained: the so-called "off" is mainly based on the technology that the US company URL library included technical analysis, to not open or parse error, to determine the "closed".


is more glamorous, before being interested announced closed to the end of startups. The failure did not completely stop the footsteps of entrepreneurs, gradually reduce the start-up costs and the threshold, so that more and more people with a dream here.

two, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong are the

Abstract data show that the electricity supplier, local life, social, cultural, entertainment, sports is the hardest hit by the death of start-up companies.

just in the past 2015, in the "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" under the call, China’s Internet start-ups are becoming hot.

of the death rate of start-up companies

1. Basic death situation of start-up company

is a close call entrepreneurial things, some people succeed someone leave.

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