58 city user experience pain points behind the O2O entrepreneurial opportunitiesTalking about the al

is to enhance the experience, in the US there are ready-made reference mode, namely a taxi service for taxi service, we can put the NDRC as a platform, of course it is not online. It developed a unified taxi service price standards, such as Beijing taxi starting at ten yuan, three kilometers, more than 2 dollars per kilometer, waiting for two minutes and a half, plus 1 dollars and so on. The next passenger is to consider him to accept this standard, accept him sit, do not accept that he can go to the bus, subway and taxi companies and drivers are the same business, if they want to take this standard to provide services to him, do not want to leave it like this, the price of unity, standardization of for users, businesses are very convenient, without an inquiry process, otherwise, you sit black taxi, the driver of a bother you come to ask you do not go away, if you are willing to you again and again asking price, the transaction efficiency, the cost of communication it is not ideal, but also allows users to feel insecure, experience nature is very poor. Of course, the so-called taxi mode, in the process of trading with the NDRC this platform is not what the relationship between users and businesses to the transaction, we can only say that we can learn from it for reference, that is the industry price standard way! As for details operation will certainly have a lot of difference.


            GG;   a lot of friends know, we often see on the web site ads, such as we go to Youku video network, there will be a lot of advertising. When these are regular stations. Our individual stationmaster wants to handle, it is very difficult and troublesome. We want to make a station to have flow, it is more difficult. It’s either very hard or you need money. It’s not an overnight move

              to think of a profitable way is the most important thing for a webmaster to do. Unless you do the ultimate goal of the station is not to make money. Well, not talking about unprofitable websites, it doesn’t make sense. There’s nothing more to say here. Talk about the way GG’s advertising alliance is profitable.

              here is still talking about SEO, SEO said I am complex and complex, that is simple and simple. I have been successful, and I have failed. But the money is still left to the fierce and dare to try friends. The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank the best in the search engine by the words he wants to do. So choosing the key words of a good station is the most important thing to do. Many friends may ignore this point, very casually made a keyword, and then do optimization, do rankings. This is very wrong, in fact, rather than select keywords, it is better to choose the direction of profit. What words do you have to think about how you can make a profit by making a list of the words, and how much money you can make, whether the investment and the return meet your expectations?.

        GG;       in fact, here I have not yet operated, I am a newcomer in the new. A lot of me can’t get started, a time process. But I like to find some ways to make money. And the possibility of making money, through my observation and thinking, to make a way. If you feel good, you can go to operate, and if it does not work, we should take a look at it.

              everybody, I’m looking for you in my dream. I’m so happy to share something with you today, or that sentence. I like to find something, but I don’t like to operate it. This time to share with you is the GG ad alliance’s alternative approach to make a lot of money. Many friends know, the way to make money online basically three: 1. is to sell products, 2, is to sell services, and 3 is to sell advertising. And GG advertising is generally the choice of the webmaster. After all, his unit price is the highest.

recently I just start a few days Ipad Mini accidentally fell to the screen cracked, distressed also had to consider to change the screen, to the store to ask the change, to see what time out of the old for the new policy, then the thinking to the 58 city on the surface to find a repair of a change, this time of headache, in 58 ad information search out dozens of mixed, then hit a dozen calls, prices ranging from 300 to 1200, do I really don’t know which to choose, choose the cheapest. If it is not reliable, choose it and some do, besides expensive is reliable? Without any guarantee that this decision is very painful, dragged several days to pick a home near the point of business changed slightly.


taxi O2O mode

specific operation and suitable industry

like this experience in fact there are many, such as my last notebook backlight lamp is bad also suffered a similar choice, as well as when looking for a moving company inquiry too painful, but accidentally by the businessman slaughter knife, stuff to the car parked in the road will give you the price, and the user there is no restriction on them. For these services, there is no better than a classified information O2O model can let the user experience is not so bad? Is definitely yes, but this also means that because these pain points have some potential business opportunities.

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