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I’m an ordinary college student. I was a sophomore during the summer vacation this year. Like many other college students, they are especially passionate when they are freshman and want to try everything. When I heard that one of my classmates did SEO and earned enough tuition and living expenses, I was very envious and wanted to study, but I had no experience and skills. Fortunately, my friends have spent thousands of dollars in the training institutions to learn, there are many books and video materials, he gave me free, let me self-study.


until one day, flashed up. One person wanted me to know about my website, claiming that I was planning to run a shop nearby and want to advertise. I’m not particularly happy, because I don’t want to pit him. The traffic is too small and too small. After careful understanding, he has several websites, I hope someone to help management, and after I negotiated 10 thousand yuan SEO maintenance for a year, change templates and the like. The first money, I think about some hesitation, but still took down, signed the contract. I thought even failure, so most just didn’t have the money in vain a

can run the business and do our local ventilation," he asked. "How do I do that?" I said. "I need to register my account for Ali.". He did it after listening, and in the first year he made about 2000000. By 07 years, our side of the people will gradually know that this thing to make money, have begun to crazy settled Ali, his business volume decreased accordingly.

in the 06 year, in Internet cafes accidentally know the way Alibaba, registered an account, each customer to call me every day that this is good that good, but need to pay thousands of dollars, I was only 17 years old, the parents are against my time online, how could I give the money Alibaba just give up shop?.


before the winter vacation in 2012, I completed the basic learning of SEO, from white to rookie. At that time, very impulsive want to do their own website, finally during the holiday to finish up their own forum, every 20 original and some outside the chain, while the improper operation, but the ranking gradually up, second months to reach 2 sh419 right, but the site updates and SEO is really very tired, especially in not to any return, I want to give up feeling more intense. So, on one day of the weekend, I stopped updating and got together with my classmates. I didn’t manage it for half a month.

you might say it’s not good to do anything right now, you just have to copy someone else’s pattern. The copy is also possible, the most important is that you need to seize the opportunity, for example, you see other people doing something a lot of money, you want to do, after an investigation found that the current little that you can do can be profitable. China does not have such an old saying: "as long as digging a pit, there will be shit" is this truth.

that day, I picked up the information and read it carefully. A deep understanding of the SEO is something of a system, the station outside the station optimization was done, not simply the spam chain, update no value information at the same time, chicken ribs! With careful maintenance, customer website ranking gradually, in the optimization of time for about 2 months, the requirement to do the. Realize the contract 80% income, and 20% is maintenance fees, because the competition is not big, every day a soft Wen enough to solve the website continuous ranking problem. And this time I try again in A5 and other network owners contact list, and particularly busy, but the harvest of their tuition fees and living expenses, to achieve economic independence.

Internet is a magical world, with a large number of mystery, when the pony brother started you can online shopping, said: "what is this? Will not be deceptive." when the pony elder brother online shopping to the market, you can know that online shopping, but you just thought stay in the shopping, did not expect the other sellers will make money. When pony brother’s online shopping toward internationalization, you suddenly realized that, before the original shop can make money, and even earn big money "

because in 06 years to 07 years I saw him into the rich life from an ordinary person, over the years I determined to begin preparations for their work, work hard for 10 months, after installation, contracted small live, earn a little money, bought a motorcycle, in once in the field trip home on the bus to meet my girlfriend now, quickly fell in love,

in 09 years

Hello, because it’s too busy to write this article now, many friends add small WeChat asked if I could write an article on the Internet venture? Then I will give you write.

perhaps in our life there are too many missed opportunities, and even some knew this thing can make money but shilly-shally to give up, finally by others to seize opportunities, and here I first advise everyone: "expect to do, but you need to have the idea of entrepreneurial innovation" or even failure. Take a very simple example: "you opened a Taobao 5 years ago, you have now estimated that millions of rich, multimillionaire, and you are now open is no doubt a dead end,"

list, the more I feel the lack of class and life hassles, and at this point I need a team to help me and do it together. With the help of friends, I set up my own small studio, a total of 7 people, 6 of whom are with me to learn SEO, and I took them from small white born rookie. Can help me maintain the website work. Later, with the help of the teacher, he successfully entered the University Pioneer Park and set up his own network company to optimize the small and medium-sized enterprises. Orders come in a single order… Soon >

! The more and more the

one day while I was surfing the Internet at the Internet bar, a man older than me asked me what I wanted to do. I said, "Alibaba

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